Boku no Hero Academia S3- Enter the New Era

It only now occurred to me how that was the season’s ending, guess they couldn’t kill someone off for shock value when they’ll probably do it the opening 5 minutes of the next season.

Oh you didn’t know? Season 4 already got announced much to my surprise but I guess the Overhaul Arc is pretty long for an entire season to be based around it. Seeing as though we’ll have ourselves a break from BnHA for just a little bit, let’s talk about Season 3.

Much like the 2nd season, Season 3 is divided into two big arcs, the All For One arc and the Provisional License Exam arc before capping it off with the beginning of the rather lengthy Overhaul Arc. I’ve raved about the former arc for the longest time and it goes without saying that it delivered what I wanted to see with flying colors. You could noticeably tell how much my enthusiasm plateaued after the All For One Arc and granted, it’s a tough act to follow up on. If anything, there’s some credit to be given with how each big arc is divided with a school-oriented hero-building arc that helps build the universe. The only notable thing character wise, aside from setting up the Big Three and Sir for Season 4, Bakugo finally gets the development he was waiting for despite being the deuteragonist to Deku and that was refreshingly to finally see what stirred in his head after 3 whole seasons. Not many others got the spotlight but Iida, Tsuyu, Momo, and Kirishima got some time on the screen thanks to the Bakugo Retrieval Plan. There’s not much to really cover compared to my write-up for Season 2 since it was a major step up from Season 1 thanks to being able to cover more significant arcs and characters.

The problem I had with Season 3 is purely outside the adapted material and more to do with the presentation. I did not particularly enjoy the opening and endings for the second half. The song did not particularly groove with me and the visuals, of course, were not as interesting nor as good lucking as you would expect a series that’s been getting so much animation work for the past couple years. Deterioration was inevitable and if anything, I’m glad it happened here since botching the All For One arc would have probably been a graver mistake. Right from the second opening and endings for the season, I knew that the quality would be lower than the rest. The opening song itself wasn’t all too striking compared to the absolute bombshell of visuals the previous opening had with Tomura and All For One. The ending too looked a bit jank with Deku’s walk sequence looking a bit silly and unpolished.

I guess in the end that the arc that the entire fanbase wanted to see animated had a lot of resources and time put into it while the succeeding arc to transition us into the next big one wasn’t able to match up to it, and of course, I mentioned how the provisional license exam wasn’t all too memorable for me either when I read it. I think another reason why I forgot the end of Season 3 in terms of episode count was that they were so forward with revealing Sir, the Big Three, and Overhaul himself that I thought they’d save them all for Season 4. But like how Season 3 started with a bang with the villains striking early, I guess they’re not going to try and waste time with the Overhaul arc we have coming. Oh, and on topic with Overhaul, OF COURSE THEY HAD TO GET TSUDA TO VOICE HIM. NOW I HAVE TO BE EXCITED TO SEE HIM. I did have more Tin Tin jokes but we’ll get plenty of those when we return in Season 4.

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