Music of the Week #370

Say goodnight

I’m writing up something special for Halloween aside from this to try and make the occasion a bit more special and “in with the season” so I hope I’ll be able to finish it before the weekend shows up since I will be busy for most of it. Not much else to go on there except for the fact that I haven’t mentioned the one other series I’ve been keeping up with. It has bunny girl in the title so, go figure.

I delayed this week’s theme and swapped it out with another song so I could end the music spotlight for 3rd in a special way. Today’s tune is Looking Up at the Sky, now with vocals, acting as the final ending tune for the Trails in the Sky trilogy and I feel like it’s one of the single most beautiful tracks from the series. Even before I knew the song had vocals, the song itself back in the SC music spotlight had me mention it was one of my favorites. The melancholic overworld theme is now a passionate ode to love and it captured the feeling of warmth, happiness, and eagerness to face tomorrow at the end of 3rd so damn well. With this beautiful send off, the Liberl trilogy concludes as a new story unfolds next week.