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Music of the Week #423

Back on top of things

If I’m recalling things correctly, Azur Lane gets a recap episode this week so it’ll just be FGO which is good for me because I want to get a lot of things done ahead of time in the next 2-3 weeks so I can relax for the entirety of December. Not much to add aside from that small bit of news but I can mention that I think it’s absolutely absurd that Azur Lane needs this recap week but if it means getting the quality back up to speed, so be it.

This week’s theme is final boss theme of Ao’s wild finale with one of the most powerful things in Kiseki’s enemy pantheon. Going beyond ambiguously evil society members, the final boss of Ao is similar to the final boss in Sky SC with it being an influenced power born out of an immensely powerful artifact. The nature of the boss is in spoiler territory so I won’t say much but my favorite moment in the game comes right after the final boss.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 5&6: Kick and Run

Back on track of things.

Had a bunch of extra work but here we are again. Episode 6 was the end of the common errands episode now that Episode 7 kicks us off into finding more items for Gil and eventually confront the goddess alliance. With Blonde Rin, who somehow isn’t Extra Rin, around, we’ll be on our way to move towards the ever-exciting middle point of the singularity.

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Azur Lane Episode 6: Getting too relaxed

You hate to see this type of thing happen.

So if I heard right, next week’s episode is going to be a recap episode that won’t take up a proper episode slot. So Episode 7 will go up in two weeks. First off, that’s a bit worrying that a 12 episode series needs a week break for a recap episode but after this week’s episode, it might be the sad truth that producers really need it.

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Music of the Week #422

Extra work is delaying me

Got delayed for doing some extra work last week but I should hopefully be able to get to Babylon pretty soon. It’s still mostly talking and reminiscing like the previous episode but with some added Gilgamesh vs Enkidu tension. While I’m all for bromance, I think the fujo potential for those two are just way too blatant for me to appreciate, which is why I never really liked Fate’s interpretation of Enkidu at all while Gilgamesh gets a pass because Gate of Babylon is one of the coolest things ever.

This week’s theme is the vaunted theme of Arianrhod, one of the principal antagonist characters in the Trails series as one of the upper echelons of the evil organization that the three sagas fight against. Known as being one of the harder boss fights in the series and properly lauded as one of the strongest living beings in the universe, Ariahrhod’s theme is properly booming with force and power and her initial boss fight only requires you to damage her to a certain threshold before she cutscene powers you to death.

Azur Lane Episode 5: Cloudy Sky

The fight quality is back up to normal and we pick up where we left off last episode.

We’re nearly at the half-way point of the season and I find myself both oddly comfortable with the pace of this series as well as slightly worried we’ll be rushing towards the finale. For the most part, the three primary plot-lines are at least moving at a recognizable pace, what remains at the end of it is what worries me because it’s either developing into something unimpressive or it’s comfortable pacing won’t stop and we’ll get something rushed. I can only hope that isn’t the case since I’m not exactly hating the adaptation.

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Music of the Week #421

Look at that

Given how fast I got through the week’s work, I feel a bit proud of myself writing this up on Monday evening instead of Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon. Both series being covered got a bump in the road, with FGO just being a bit less exciting than the previous episodes because of my indifference to Jaguar Man and Azur Lane with its one key animator effort on episode 4. At least FGO can afford the slow-burn pace, Azur Lane still has ways to go if it needs to deliver what it’s trying to do

The first part of why Crossbell was so good in my eyes is that our protagonist Lloyd Bannings fulfilled two roles in the series. One as the protagonist who we experienced the story with and second as a character in his own right beyond that of our lens to see the kiseki universe. You might say these qualities are only expected from a protagonist and that’s true but it’s what came after Lloyd that really made these traits to invaluable. Lloyd and Rean occupy the same crucial role as the protagonist but once we get to Rean, we’ll talk about how he differs from Lloyd.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 4: Reflection

I have to say that Jaguar Man really did break the pace of the visuals.

Yet in that same breadth I’m acknowledging a tiny girl running around in a leotard and a body-jacked Rin flying around in her panties. I guess the point is that in gacha, unless it’s cute or sexy, don’t bother. Wouldn’t you know it, Jaguar Man’s final ascension falls in the latter category, at least I think that’s what most would place it at. Anyways, we don’t deal with much in this episode but we do some important looking back though.

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