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Music of the Week #205


Busy week


Settling back into the educational lifestyle and was mostly busy getting my supplies and mentality in check. Not much going on though, can’t really get motivated to practice my usual fighting games with my usual fighting partner is in Japan living the dream. Not much other than getting salty at League nerfs and just spamming Yi.

Been thinking of getting back into Pokemon but that would mean getting around to breeding my favorite pokemon, Aggron. But since I want to keep it Gen 4, without the hidden ability shit that would make it tedious, I want to utilize the fact that it can learn Head Smash and have the ability Rock Head. Unfortunately I require Soulsilver or Heartgold to achieve that and my Heartgold copy got lost in one of those “friend borrowed it and never gave it back” dilemma and of my more trust friend’s Soulsilver hilariously suffered the same fate.

Oh well, right to the music we go before the Labor Day Weekend hits us in the States. Today will mark the end of our Dark Souls run with the music that started it all, the Trailer Music. Not officially in the game’s OST and only portions of it heard during the “Dark Lord” ending sequence. It was first heard during the E3 reveal trailer and even after a few good years after I’ve beaten the game numerous times, I still feel chills down my spine. The Trailer Music truly encompasses the “emotion” that the games evoke from wonder, determination, struggles, inevitable death, and the oh so sweet release of a conclusion, only for you to be able to start again and relive it all over. Here’s both the actual trailer and the full track, enjoy, and I’ll see you next week.

Music of the Week #204


It begins


The Fall Semester begins and while the first week is usually not that busy, commuting really takes a lot of hours you could be spending doing other things. Nonetheless, I will continue what I can and patiently await the Fall season to entertain me with more shitty battle harems.

With few things to say, let’s get on right with it. This week’s theme is what I perceive as the fan-favorite, File Select theme. It has a very ephemeral feeling about it that really calms you down before you select your file to struggle and live through the game’s world. This track wasn’t released with the OST and it took a while for people to upload this back then and it took me a while to find it when I desperately wanted to hear it online. So here you go, the penultimate OST Track for our Dark Souls Music.

Music of the Week #203


Last Week


A day late because I was busy catching up with some other work. I’ve only got less than a week now until classes begin and while I did mention I might end up picking up some series to review by the end of the summer season, general negligence and focus on other projects has me saying that what I said probably won’t happen. Not enough shitty harems or things that grab my interest. On the bright side, there are few shitty harems and a few more things catching my eye next season so I can at least promise Fall season won’t be so dead.

For this week’s theme, it’s THE final boss of Dark Souls and the cause of the shit going down in Oolacile. The creature known as Manus, Father of the Abyss resides in the Chasm of the Abyss where the only enemies are literal sprites of humanity. Before entering, you face a miniboss that is wrapped in chains that really makes you wonder why the chasm is located here. By lore, Manus was long dead and the tampering of his corpse led to his reawakening as a monster. If you think about it, Oolacile is the ancient Darkroot Forest and when you go deep into the forest, you come out of the Valley of the Drakes which is connected to New Londo, where the current Abyss is. So there you go, an interesting link that connects the Chasm of the Abyss’s location to the Abyss we encounter in the present. Boss-wise, Manus is probably the beefiest boss that packs a hell of a punch and is aggressive as hell. I kind of gave up on him for 3 months before coming back to finally kill him in around 20 minutes of slashing at him. Plus who woulda thought, he’s also responsible for the things in the 2nd game.

Music of the Week #202


End is nigh


An by that, vacation is almost over, which really shouldn’t matter to you all since technically, I’ve been inactive all summer. Logically, if I’m busy over the Fall and Winter season, I wouldn’t post at all which is sound but I’ll actually pick a series by then. Either that, or I pray Part 4 gets announced soon so I can easily cover that.

Anyways, nothing else is going on other than me practicing fighting games. So let’s move on

This week’s theme is from the Dark Souls DLC, Artorias of the Abyss where the mysterious Artorias’ fate is finally revealed. Apparently, 3 out of the 4 knights of Gwyn were sent to Oolacile to deal with a spreading plague of darkness. Artorias is defeated and driven mad by making contact with the source of the darkness and also broke his swordhand in the bout. His shield was left behind protecting the young Sif and you as the protagonist must end the proud warrior’s suffering and kill him, which is easier said than done. Artorias is one of THE hardest bosses in the game and if you were like me and Platinumed the game before the DLC was even announced, you would have fought him at NG+3 which means he was an even tougher nightmare. After his death, you can meet fellow knights Hawkeye Gough and Lord’s Blade Ciaran who both have a thing or two to say about their compatriot’s passing.

Music of the Week #201




Class begin in less than a month so I ain’t feeling too happy about that, it was a relaxing summer as you can evidently tell. The summer season itself is nearing it’s halfway point and I’m still in the process of watching some other series. Not much else to tell ya’ll so let’s move on.

This week’s theme is the Nameless Song, the song that plays when the Chosen Undead is to make the ultimate sacrifice to link the fire to start over the events of the game again. Parts of this song can be heard in Dark Souls 2 in its own ending. While this is technically the credits song, we still got a few more before we move on to Dark Souls II

Music of the Week #200


Guess it’s break


It doesn’t feel right if I just picked up a series nearly halfway in and start getting some non-rushed opinions out there. You can take this as sign that I don’t really progress too much in the Summer line-up but I am deciding now to start some series and review them by the end. I’ll still be able to get some thoughts out on the Summer series albeit, at the end of everything.

Let’s ignore the fact that I’m late and continue right to the usual main event of these posts. This week’s theme is the iconic final boss theme of Gwyn. Introduced from the prologue and hinted throughout the entire game, Gwyn is said to have descended to the location where he and the fellow owners of the Lord’s Soul found the first flame and ignited himself to act as its source when it was discovered the flame was dying out. Remember, this took place a few good millennia before the game starts so when you find him down there in the Kiln of the First Flame, the once glorious Lord of Sunlight now stands as a hollow, Lord of Cinder. Where once he was shown throwing literal lightning from his hands, Gwyn now only pursues the player with his flaming sword. No words, no emotions, just another cursed soul to put down.

Music of the Week #199


Oh boy


To my worst fears, I have yet to find a series worth covering but that’s probably because I haven’t watched that much stuff in the new season, a problem I wish I could rectify if I wasn’t occupied. I’m currently enthralled in reading Dark Eldar books since I’ve been smitten with their culture of backstabbing and subterfuge and general dickery. Other than those, I’m practicing my fighting games techniques after watching EVO 2015.

I hope to get something out before it’s too late, it’s still relatively early in the season.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites from the series and one of the few tracks that doesn’t play in a boss fight. Conquering Blighttown’s shanty in its upper ramparts is one thing but braving the swamps to Quelaag’s domain is tough on its own. However, on the opposite end of the spider-silken home of the Chaos Witch, there lies a great tree and destroying not 1 but 2 invisible walls in its interior reveals a sprawling inner branch as you enter the Great Hollow. You venture down its branches, fighting off the creatures that made the hollowed tree their home and as you reach the far bottom, you emerge out into the bottom of the world, in the shores of Ash Lake. Aside from the hydra and the mysterious skull, you can traverse its singular pathway to find the last surviving dragon who will offer its blessings should you wish to join it.

Also fun to note that the music only plays once you move the camera up to stare at the wondrous vista.