Black Bullet Episode 5- Add more females to increase sales

So after killing a guy a with a clown mask and revealing us that Rentaro is basically The Winter Soldier, we move on to a new story arc. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we had railguns and Rentaro was edgy enough to use his artifical arm as a bullet. Anyway, new arc time after all that crazy rushed scenes in the last 10 minutes. Just where will this series take us now? I’m hearing loads of people saying that the series only gets darker from here. The only problem with covering more ground is that it might lose quality if it is rushed.

Well if anything is sure, there’s definitely a lot more girls pushing themselves into the story now.

Kisara tells Rentaro that for his actions regarding the whole issue that happened a few days ago, his presence was requested by Seitenshi for a job. Rentaro makes his way to the overly large building where he meets Seitenshi and is given a very brief job description as her personal bodyguard. During this, Rentaro meets her current bodyguard squad leader, who seems mighty suspicious if you ask me. Rentaro’s quips anger the bodyguard to a point where he confronts him at the hallway to demand Rentaro that he should not take the job. Rentaro gets out of gunpoint and shoots him on the side of his face and the bodyguards flee.

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On the way home from the rather disastrous meeting, Rentaro calls Kisara to confirm that he wishes to take the job. Whether or not it’s to piss the bodyguard off or general concern is up in the air. Rentaro finds a little girl with pajamas getting picked on by some thugs and he drives them off. He helps the girl and asks for information. She slowly introduces herself as Tina Sprout and the ditzy youngster recieves Rentaro’s phone number if she needs help with anything. She leaves and thanks him for his help. All is not what it seems as Tina isn’t the extremely slow loli we assumed her to be. She calls her “master” and she more or less is an assassin. She gets caught by a police officer who assumes her as a normal child and she ends up beating him to a pulp.

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Interrupting their dinner, we’re introduced to Shiba Miori who also has Kisara following her. Miori is from a family of a large weapons company that supplies Rentaro with all the equipment he uses and also happens to supply Enju with her equipment as well. Miori gets a bit clingy and Kisara pulls out a sword. A rare example in where the girl fights the girl who made the move instead of the innocent male, props to you Kisara.

Black Bullet- Meeting

First day on the job, Rentaro still keeps little respect towards Seitenshi but she seems to enjoy the free mind of Rentaro to speak what’s what needs to be said. Seitenshi’s destination for today is have a small chit-chat with one of the leaders of the divided areas of Japan. The conversation can be put into a simple summary: Old man is an asshole who plans to take over the 5 areas. Rentaro ruined that plan when he busted the railgun after using it to kill the bigass Gastrea. Seitenshi is shaken by that conversation as her ideals of uniting everyone is being hindered by selfish individuals. Enju wakes up and stops Seitenshi’s growing like for Rentaro short since she has no noticeable bust.

Black Bullet- Sniper

Enju isn’t completely cockblocking Rentaro though as she senes danger and soon enough, a bullet hits through the window but no one is hurt. Seitenshi is escorted to a nearby building while Rentaro calms down as he senes that the assassin has already left.

So the new arc centers around Rentaro’s new job as a bodyguard with little to no Enju involved in business meetings. Mix that in with suspicious squad leader with the glasses and a killer loli out there with some guns. Then we also got Seitenshi in the active role with her goals being conflicted and a potential add to the growing list of people who can’t get off Rentaro’s dic- looks. Speaking of people getting more clingy to our reasonably angsty teenager, we got Shiba Miori who was introduced. Either she will stay to be a hindrance between Kisara and Rentaro or she legitimately has some purpose other than being a character to embody the fact that Rentaro and Enju are well equipped. Okay episode, it was more to set things up.

Such pretty legs
Such pretty legs

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