Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 6&7- All Stands on Deck

So around the Sunday of last week, my Internet got completely cut off and it took a good week to get this back up. I got Episode 6 here basically done since last week but just needed pictures but had no way to get it delivered. So far, I have:

  • One episode of Black Bullet
  • Two episodes of Jojo
  • Two episodes of DaL
  • Two episodes of Nisekoi

Well, by the time I post this, Black Bullet will get another episode so screw it, make that 2 episodes of Black Bullet I need to cover as well.

Let’s not waste any time.

Well here we go folks, with Polnareff joining the Crusaders on the journey to Egypt, we begin the “Stand of the Week” style we’ll be following to the end of the line. This once again invokes my worry for potentially skipped fights. Then again, a few fights are extremely short but then again so I won’t give up hope just yet. The episode preview confirm that we’re still on track with a perfect record of every stand fight thus far so I have my hopes.

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The crusaders board the ship that Joseph requested in the previous episode. The current plan is to get from Hong Kong to Singapore and Joseph suspects that it will take at least 3 days. Everything is peaceful on the deck until a sailor captures a stowaway child. The kid makes a humongous fuss and is able to get out of the hold of the sailor. The crew just watches while the kid eventually jumps off the ship to swim ashore. The crew doesn’t seem worried until they see signs of sharks and Jotaro is the one that jumps off the boat to save the child. The unfortunate shark gets ORA ORA’D pretty hard and Jotaro drags the kid back to the boat, but not before finding out that she’s actually a girl.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Enemy Stand

Jotaro drags the kid to the lifeline but not before everyone else onboard notice an extremely fast figure move through the water. Kakyoin uses HG’s reach to hoist Jotaro and kid to safety while the lifeline is completely destroyed. The beast that attempted to kill Jotaro is identified as a Stand and the Crusaders get suspicious of the girl Jotaro just saved. However, her ramblings more or less confirm that she’s not the Stand user.

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Captain Tenille of the ship shows up and apprehends the loud girl and expresses his displeasure of having stowaways. Joseph asks the Captain if all 10 crewmen onboard were verified of their identities. The Captain assures their loyalty and authenticity but as he walks away, he snatches Jotaro’s cigarette away. The Captain is obviously a man of the sea as he inquires where Jotaro would throw away the ashes and cigarette once he was done. Jotaro snaps back not because of his cigarette being taken but says that the Captain himself is the culprit. Jotaro states that he has noticed a bodily response on the nose that only Stand users have when they smell smoke. The 4 Crusaders and the Captain then touch their noses and Jotaro says that he was lying. The Captain is sure enough the culprit and turns out that he killed the real Captain Tenille back in Hong Kong.

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A scaly arm climbs up the ship’s deck and grabs the runaway girl and the Imposter Captain reveals his stand, Dark Blue Moon. He planned on assassinating our crew one by one but now that his cover is blown, invites all 5 of them to fight him. He takes the girl hostage and descends into the water. Jotaro calls out Star Platinum and punches the hell out of Dark Blue Moon before it even falls and the enemy stand goes flying. Jotaro is able to catch the girl but something is making him unable to pull her back up. Barnacles quickly start spawning and spreading by Star Platinum’s hands and after a struggle, reels Jotaro into the water. Kakyoin tries to save him but only manages to pull back the runaway girl.

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Jotaro now immersed in to the depths of the sea faces the Dark Blue Moon and the Imposter Captain.  Jotaro’s strength being sapped away by the barnacles and the Imposter Captain boasts his trained physique to stay submerged for a good 6 minutes. Jotaro is helpless against Dark Blue Moon’s advantage in the water. DBM starts twirling the currents and forms a massive whirlpool. Our teammates on deck attempt to dive down but realize that the whirlpool also contain DMB’s razor sharp scales. Jotaro is left helpless in the water and both Captain and Joseph notice that he’s not struggling at all. As Jotaro nears the center of the whirlpool, DMB prepares to strike but Jotaro utilizes the scales in the water to break off the barnacles on his arm and Star Platinum extends his fingers and pierces DMB’s head.

Jotaro surfaces safely but the entire ship turns out to be rigged with explosives and the 9 crewmen and our regular Crusaders plus runaway girl make a getaway on their life boats. After a while, they find an enormous tanker that seemingly pops up out of nowhere.

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DIO spends time talking to Enya and asks rather philosophical questions that suggests that being stuck in a coffin for a 100 years really changes your outlook on life. He questions her about fear and expresses his certain worries about the Joestar line coming to defeat him. Enya reassures him as the rest of the Tarot stand users are on their way to defeat them. DIO’s hazy stand hovers nearby as he considers his thoughts on fear and his wish to conquer it to obtain true meaning.

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Bkac at sea, the whole crew is baffled about the random ship but Jotaro is wary as the tanker allows access to the deck with no greeter or shipmate onboard. Investigation of the ship goes underway and the entire ship is empty minus the strange orangutan stuck inside a cage. Everything seems random but it soon gets awry as a crane impales one of the sailors. The girl goes off on her own and goes to the orangutan before the sailors find her as well and advise her to not stay alone. She decides to take a shower but then the orangutan suddenly emerges. Before anything weird happens, Jotaro happened by the scene and wrecks the orangutan. The ape intercepts but Star Platinum is able to deflect the blow. A ceiling fan suddenly snaps off and hits Jotaro’s shoulder.

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Jotaro finally understands that the enemy in question is the ape’s Stand but is confused on where it’s location is. The ceiling fan however begins to bend on its own and slaps Jotaro back a few feet. Still in midair, a glass window shatters and the debris begin to fall on Jotaro’s direction. SP gathers the glasses and punches ape but the orangutan merges with the wall and disappears. It reappears with a captain’s jacket and hat and points to the word Strength on a dictionary it also happened to bring. The Stand is revealed to be “Strength” and while the orangutan uses the entire ship to subdue the rest of the crew on deck, Jotaro is also stuck to the wall. Jotaro takes a button of his coat and flicks it. The ape is confused and is taunted by Jotaro and the ape jumps after him. SP uses Star Finger and pushes the button from the ape’s fingers and through its head.

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With its concentration weakened, Jotaro is able to move freely once again and sees the ape beg for its life. Jotaro however disregards its sapience and ORA ORA ORA’S it to death. The entire crew then begins to evacuate as the ship itself begins to dissipate. With some casualties from the regular crewmen, the crew prepares to land on Singapore.

Back in Egypt, DIO is informed that Strength has been defeated but Enya reassures him that even her son is after the Joestar crew and that their end will come very soon.

Sorry for the delay folks. You know me well enough to know that I have little things to say about Jojo episodes. Part 3 isn’t my favorite part but it’s definitely one of the most “adventure” oriented parts out all of them (Part 7 is a good one but it’s rather far off). Nothing much to say, bring on more fights since they get more elaborate.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Gum

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