The first question you should ask yourself is, “the hell is with this site’s name?”. Well that question is something I ponder about a lot actually. I could have made it anything with the words “lazy” and “anime” in it to make something sound a lot more eloquent than what I have now but, I digress. Welcome to the Anime Tree, owned by yours truly hippiefreak. Once it was populated by 3 other writers, but due to lethargy and loss of interest, they’re not here anymore

  • Siegetank is the technical founder of the site since I was legitimately too lazy at the time to bother will all the set up hassles.
  • Blahboy was supposed to be the a resident manga reviewer but I knew his inherent laziness (obviously moreso than mine) would get the best of him
  • Light still pops up now and then, but mostly in comments.

As for me, I’m just a simple guy who loves his media. I play games, read manga, watch anime, collect figures, and that’s pretty much my life in terms of the Anime-Manga Culture. A few rules of thumb on me

  • I absolutely despise “cute girls doing cute things” or “cute girls with military armaments”. I’m a bit lenient on the latter because I like Kantai Collection
  • I’m slowly getting out of harems. Like outright harems with tits busting everywhere and have no holding plot but to sell for teases. They are just old now. Do decent harems exist? I’d somewhat think so
  • I’m a big fan of Jojo so expect enormous amounts of biased opinions when it comes to the topic.
  • The only sports series I will ever like is Slam Dunk. No pretty boy bullshit.
  • I will never get over Saber’s identity in Fate Stay Night, while I’m completely fine with Nero because his attitude really allowed for some artistic licensing.
  • My favorite character ever is a tie between Kira Yoshikage and Eikichi Onizuka.

What I offer here on this humble site is mostly thoughts on seasonal anime while I try to squeeze out some editorials if my mind is feeling up to it. Every Wednesday I post on music that usually relates to an anime series one way or another. I do episodic/weekly reviews on episodes of a given series that I choose to cover each Season. There isn’t really a pattern but let’s just say some seasons are better than others. I can either talk about them in a large mash up post or individually.

Another thing I do is Gametalks. If I had my way in the world, I would either have a non-lazy group of friends who would help run this site or just run a videogame blog. Due to insufficient funds and being friends with lazy bums, I’m basically sitting in the dark here writing alone…about anime. Once in a while, I get my hands in a Game and I have the utmost pleasure of breaking down the game for you. I try to do those frequently but my current real life events workload are at its all time high so take that for what you will.

I hope you enjoy your time here and hopefully I’ve been a positive influence in the world of anime.

Subscribing to the Site to make my day

Twitter isn’t my favored choice but hey, it works.

If any questions are needed to be asked, either comment below or shoot an email at (but I’d much rather have any questions to be done in the comments)

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  1. Hmm…very interesting team. Thank you a lot for visiting my site and hope you guys stay active. Welcome to the Ani-Blogsphere ^^

  2. Hey. I love this blog!!! I’m big into anime as well. I’ve written a few anime-related posts on my blog, and will be writing manymore this year. I watch every type of anime except for hentai material I recently finished the second season of Genshiken. I just subscribed to your blog and please do the same for me. Us anime fans need to stick together. Lol

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Would you all like to move your website over to a host? You get cpanel, backups, you can still use wordpress, and you’ll have more theme options and more! 🙂

  4. Hi, anime fans, everyone who’s reading this!
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    We have some posts out there like this one and
    but that’s not enough for us (and the viewers). We also have episode 13 of “is this a Zombie” not many have seen as it was in between seasons. Can you help us to get this information to anime fans, featuring the news or accepting a guest post about it and the new titles?
    Thank you,

  5. So who maintains the technical side of the site nowadays. Do you have a background in the technical field, just wondering what happens if something happens to the site.

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