Music of the Week #139

Money incoming

Champloo 1

Well I’m scheduled for work starting next week so I hope it doesn’t interfere too much with my schedule. Thankfully it’s only 20 hours a week so it’s easy money thanks to connections from my family. Money for figures (YEEEEEEEEEEEES). Other than that, it’s just the regular review week. Nisekoi is finished and the post for that just needs its pictures so look foward to that I guess. I still think I left my impression on the series in my episodic talks but whatever.

Dark Souls is THIS close to being platinumed. I just need to beat the 4 big bosses in the first half and just get to the castle. It was a fun ride. Something in my collector’s syndrome however tells me to farm for another weapon before moving on though. The dream is nearly up, so because more money in my pockets in the coming weeks means I have actual games to play. That and a new labtop which means League again.

It’ll be a good summer.

Anyways, continuing with the music from Samurai Champloo, here’s the beautiful ending Shiki no Uta. Enjoy folks,

WRL Farewell