Music of the Week #558

I’m ready.

I think at least three or four series I’m watching reach their conclusion this week so it’s time to prep up some writing for the weekend. I actually need to catch-up with Paripi Koumei too so I hope I can find the time and not end up playing fighting games or Dragon’s Dogma.

A uniquely memorable piece that only plays once as this is the halfway point of the chapter directly after you are faced with the unwinnable fight against the two Iron Clefts. The hot dog shop out in the plaza of Glitzville has a problem with an unruly egg that refuses to be cooked and the owner tells you that the egg is yours if you can subdue it. I forget exactly what determines the color of the Yoshi partner you end up getting but I think it had to do with how long it takes to get to the egg itself.

Music of the Week #557


I finished Elden Ring’s post around a week ago and wanted to save it until I got some pictures to accompany it but I think people have seen enough of the game to warrant adding the pictures at a later date if it means just getting my thoughts out in the open. Seasons coming to an end and I have only kept up to date with three shows while another two I’ve fallen behind on. Hopefully I can find the time to watch.

A bit surprising of a choice here for this week because I’m trying to think of occasions where a mid-boss occurred before Chapter 3. The only ones that come up are Lord Krump in the Prologue, Red Bones in Chapter 1, and the Shadow Sirens. I think Red Bones had this theme play but it wasn’t featured earlier in the OST which I thought was weird. I guess the mid-chapter break in the Glitz Pit is a lot more notable because you are physically not able to beat the Iron Clefts Duo until you get your Yoshi partner.

Music of the Week #556

It’s getting there.

Good news, I don’t have much to say about Bisque Doll other than that I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten a Season 2 announcement yet and I hope its hypothetical S2’s Ending is as good as the first one. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s updated manga-wise all that much for a Season 2, I think, so it probably can wait a bit. Since I have more opinions on the current season stuff, minimal as some are, I’d prefer talking about them in a timely manner so we’ll get on that.

Grubba’s theme immediately strikes you as suspicious since who can really trust Vince MacMahon? Not only that, Grubba is the same type of Mario enemy archetype as Clubbas who also were heavily featured in Chapter 3 of the first Paper Mario, it’s just down to exposing him eventually which leads into a mystery solving scenario in between all the fighting you have to do.

Music of the Week #555


Actually managed to get some stuff written up but now comes the realizations that I currently do not have my PS5 on me to get some relevant pictures. Will probably have that sit for a bit while I go write up some other things before the Spring season comes to an end. Like a month out now I think?

The Glitz Pit itself drips with anticipation as the themes tune sounds muddled, like the actual music itself is blaring from the proper open stadium and you’re just hearing it bleeding from the walls, along with periodic chants and shouting from the audience. The ambiance outside the arena proper sets up the actual fights a lot better than what the actual arena looks like.

Music of the Week #554

Annoying setbacks.

Been trying to get more writing and other projects done or started but I’ve been trying to make up for my computer dying on me a couple months back and restoring my collection but it’s been an arduous process to say the least. I was reminded that I still had my Bisque Doll write-up to finish up and how I said I wanted to talk about some of the Spring series so I hope I can get over this current little bump in the road and get back to writing more regularly.

As mentioned last time, Glitzville is considered one of the favorites in the game and despite being only one screen outside in the entire zone, it is rather full of stuff to look at, sort of. There’s a couple elements that only become important once the Scooby Doo segments start up with the mystery of the Glitz Pit becomes relevant but until then, you get a Juice Bar that doesn’t sell you juice and only a hot dog stand. While it looks fancy and jam packed, it is rather small.

Music of the Week #553

Late again

Had to catch up with other stuff for a bit but now I have all the free time in the world. Now having the right mind to maintain said time is going to be the real difficult part. I’m already a bit behind on weekly anime and I still want to talk about Elden Ring preferably this month too. We’ll see how it goes.

This week’s theme preludes one of the most unexpected and delightful chapters in The Thousand Year Door that most people will commonly agree that is not only better than the Boggly Woods, but one of the best chapters in the game as a whole. Glitzville is incredibly small, only boasting around 5-6 unique screens but is jam packed with story and even a bit of mystery. It’s easily one of my favorites as well but my absolute favorite? We’ll we have a discussion for that later.