Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 2: Enter the Court Mage

Less Ishtar groin, more Merlin and fancy chains.

I didn’t hide the fact that the previous singularities were not worth mentioning but I can’t help but feel really nostalgic when both the opening and ending chronicle events from previous story beats. I’m a sucker for shots referencing previous works.

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Azur Lane Episode 2: Arm on Fire Veins Burning Red

Favorite Girls Shown counter: 1

So here I thought we’d get a small break from the fighting but nope, we’re right back in the action as Akagi decides to let some of the other carriers have some fun against a small scouting party with some German girls thrown into the mix.

The animation was ever so slightly more strained during the high-speed action sequences so let’s hope they still have some budget left over for the inevitable big fight waiting for us at the end. I did enjoy this week’s background girls a lot more than last time, Helena was cute and the anime knew to keep Hammann completely fucking useless.

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Music of the Week #418

Change of plans

I said I’d cover Bokuben S2 but I think there isn’t much for me to say about the adaptation quality compared to the other two series that comparatively seem way more interesting to talk about. There won’t really be much to talk about unless the adaptation actually gets to the defining character chapters in this season, not like I’d make a one-off post for those but I’ll be still watching them anyway.

This week’s tune plays during one of the Bond moments that were introduced in Zero, where there’s basically an invisible counter noting which party member, be it male or female, you decided to take with you on certain events. Gameplay-wise, this only affects the Combo-Craft supermove but narratively, explores a given character’s story that you’re restricted to learning about once per playthrough. It’s this core concept of these bond moments that become the entire basis for Cold Steel’s gimmick  yet despite that, Cold Steel’s bonding moments are one of the game’s largest downfalls.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 1: Exposition and Crotch Shots

You know I DID forget to mention the supreme amount of pantyshots in the first Azur Lane episode but FGO seems to want to make sure I don’t forget to mention them this time around either. But I actually have stuff to go over so we won’t see too many of those here.

I covered some of the background for this but I might as well go over them again since most of the episode is exposition with some ugallu murder porn. FGO’s first full anime production is here, succeeding the First Order OVA, the Moonlit Lostroom OVA, and the preceding Episode 0 that I didn’t bother to cover for whatever reason. The Camelot Singularity that takes place before this however will come out as a separate movie . The recent Case Files anime as well as the upcoming Lostbelt 5 chapter in FGO all points toward this seemingly well planned sequence of reintroducing Marisbilly Animusphere now that his character has been introduced outside of walls of text but we’re really moving ahead of the adaptation at hand here. Much like Case Files and Fate/Zero, the prerequisite for Babylonia would ideally be for someone to have read Singularities 1-6 and somehow not play Babylonia proper until this adaptation came out, but I already know that really can’t be the case.

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Azur Lane Episode 1: Learning from your predecessors

Without a doubt, Azur Lane stands as the odd one out among the anime I’ve chosen to cover this season. Bokuben S2 and Babylonia all seek to adapt from their original material but Azur Lane is in a weird position where it’s an adaptation but it’s taking its own spin on things off the foundations laid down by the game. This is because the game’s plot hasn’t progressed since its release, apparently explained by the developers that their efforts were focused on making every server caught up with content. So while noble a reason, the game’s plot has been sitting at Chapter 3 out of 13 released chapters and the plot has so far been just a reenactment of WW2’s Pacific Theater while Events have delved into the other half of the plot involving alternate timelines and the baddies known as Sirens, who tamper with history and give hand-outs to other enemy factions to use their technology, all the while cackling in the dark about how everything is going “as planned”.

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Music of the Week #417

Bring on the new season

So I completely forgot to mention that BnHA is having its 4th season airing among all the those I listed I was interested in last week. While the three previously mentioned ones will probably get weekly recaps, I don’t think I will cover BnHA because the Overhaul arc is exactly the part where I started thinking the series wasn’t going to peak like the All For One arc did. In that regard, I’m debating whether or not I should do my usual weekly recaps in a collective format at the end of each week or actually do individual reviews per episode, except now review the episode instead of simply summarizing them like I always do. We’ll see how each Episode 1 makes me feel but if I actually do shorter reviews in favor of critique like I should have been doing, this might go easier.

Anyways, this week’s tune is one of my favorites. In the Kiseki universe, nearly all inhabitants of the continent of Zemuria worship a single deity known as Aidios and the Septian Church that is its institution is a well respected organization throughout the land. A while back in the spotlight for Sky SC’s OST, we’re introduced to the organization of Ouroboros who have bad guys with numbered designations for their operatives. This is neatly countered by the fact that the Septian church has its own branch of secret good guy agents called Dominions. Turns out that someone in Ao is a Dominion all along and assists our beleaguered Lloyd, who at this point has gone through some incredibly tough circumstances, with a special airship called a Merkabah to act as their mobile HQ for the endgame, fulfilling the destiny of every JRPG to give you access to airship sooner or later. This week’s tune, so aptly named, is the theme that plays during your Merkabah rides.

Lord El Melloi II Case Files Mini-Review: Whydunit

It’s a bit tough to discuss this series as a whole for a number of things

  1. I never read the novels.
  2. It’s an adaptation of said novel series but it’s adapting the middle segment of it
  3. The magic system replaces the usual elements of a traditional mystery

And for that reason, I’m going to keep it short.

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