Music of the Week #450

Chugging along

The games post ended up being written a lot quicker than I thought so I’ll be putting that up in a couple of days once I tweak it some more. Aside from that, it’s been a pretty uneventful weeks of just working out and watching Space Brothers.

This week’s tune is something I could tear into given its title but Cold Steel 1-2 do one thing that I can’t fault it for, and that’s having dynamic main menu screens that change depending on where you are in the game. Despite the mediocre graphics for a PS3 game (originally vita) I do enjoy seeing the characters doing something as simple as riding a train and even changing costumes depending on your setting than just plain old title screens. I’ll complain more about Class VII another time but you can enjoy this theme without associating it too much with them and just focus on how Falcom can make nice main menu screens.

Music of the Week #449

All the free time in the world

I’ve started some preliminary writing for the larger writing projects now that I have a lot more free time on my hands. Hopefully while those get written up, I can channel more ire and valid complaining towards Cold Steel.

Speaking of which, Atrocious Raid is one of the first tracks one hears upon starting CS 1 where a Zero no Kiseki intro sequence plays showcasing an event four to five chapters into the game as the opening segment. It’s not quite as nuanced and made full of meaning in Zero since storming the fort as a four-party group is a plot point that’s played straight in Ao while the same cannot be said in Cold Steel despite two characters being omitted in this particular sequence. The impact feels a lot less important when it really completely solidifies that yes, your group of heroes is a bunch of schoolkids about to save a military installation from being taken over. Despite that, it’s a decent theme.

Music of the Week #448

Almost there

While I’m still far off from finishing some game spotlights, my commitments before summer are almost finished so hopefully I’ll be able to make regular progress with them more frequently.

This week’s theme is Garrelia Fortress, a rather important landmark that is present in both Cold Steel and Zero. As the literal wall that separates Crossbell and Erebonian territory, it becomes quite tense place to be from both sides as both parties from the two subseries either visit it or see it up close. The fate of Garrelia Fortress and what happens there becomes a major plot point in Ao no Kiseki and it’s one of my favorite chapters in Crossbell. What happens on the Erebonian side is a lot less exciting, which is honestly a trend comparing events from Crossbell to Erebonia. If nothing else, the fact that we get to experience two separate sides of a situation involving a huge fortress with guns is one of those key selling points one plays the Trails series for.

Music of the Week #447

Striding along

FGO post is finally out and it ended up being a lot shorter than I imagined but you can read all about that in the actual post. With that out of the way and with being caught up with Kaguya-sama in both anime and manga, I determined that it definitely would be tedious trying to write out the over-thinking happening on screen and maybe get started on talking about those games I’ve been wanting to get to. While I’d love to start though, not only is this week going to be busy but it’ll probably take up a bit of time to write since it’ll mostly be comprehensive.

This week’s theme plays during the Legram field trip where the Class VII kids muck around in the castle in the middle of a lake. The significance of this trip isn’t made clear until the 3rd game, while its payoff is hinted at during the 2nd game, but just barely. The hints to the payoff are however present in the first game as well, but it’s only information revealed in the NG+ run of CS2 that really sets things to some solid speculation. The theme itself returns with some lyrics in CS2 but it’s nice to hear it without it every now and then since the theme does get stuck in your head with one of the more interesting set-pieces in the Cold Steel subseries.

Looking Ahead to Solomon and FGO Cosmos in the Lostbelt Animation prospects

We talked about how adaptations for Jojo Part 4 and 5 would turn out as adaptations when Part 3 ended in the past and now we shift towards the expanding Fate Grand Order animation projects that could be on the horizon.

Because there’s a couple things to be hopeful about but also things to worry about.

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Music of the Week #446

Slowing down

Things are getting less busy so I’ll be able to finally get some other stuff worked out here even if Kaguya-sama is probably the only thing I’ll half-assedly cover. Maybe it’s finally time to talk about what I’ve been able to keep myself occupied with in terms of games after the FGO post. Just another week and then I’ll hopefully be able to work on some of them

This week’s theme is of Legram, one of the smaller towns you visit and home of the only legitimate noble in Class VII, Laura Arseid. She was my personal favorite mostly because it’s hard to compete with hard-working girls with ponytails but she’s the basic sword-girl archetype without much else going for her. She also suffers from “daughter of someone famous” really hard where her dad is more important than her and most of her development is trying to live up to him. Unfortunately this is played exactly how every other sword girl is done so her character is as predictable as the others. It’s not really a mentality thing since she’s as selfless and noble as one can get but entirely about strength so it isn’t even that great of one. I can make the case where I think all of the girls in Class VII with the exception of Emma serves no other purposes other than to just give Rean dating options than really have any interesting character dynamics with others or have a story worth telling. That second part of course mostly extends to most of the male members too. But hey, Laura gets a bit more favoritism since she wears competition swimsuits so she gets to live.

Music of the Week #445

A weird position

Despite being stuck at home like the rest of America, I’ve been more focused on trying to work ahead and keep up with the usual stuff occupying me more than ever. I didn’t make too much progress with the FGO post other than spending my weekend keeping up with the newest chapter where my general arguments toward the western fanbase’s reactions toward the villains have been nothing short of hilarious. I’ll try to work on it some more over the weekend if I’m able to allot my time better. Which also reminds me I need some seasonal stuff to type up.

This week’s theme is Heimdall, the capital of the Erebonian Empire which as far as Cold Steel 1 goes, constitutes the class splitting up within the city to do their usual busywork. In the successive games, Heimdall more or less is the final dungeon where some otherworldly phenomenons twist the royal palace into its play thing. Aside from that, we already talked about Elliot and now its Machias turn to be criticized. Despite playing the usual straightman role for a bespectacled character, Machias unfortunately plays his role to simply hammer in the fact that the whole nobles vs. commoner thing in the class is represented. As far as the first game goes, it’s something but the rivalry hardly lasts as Jusis develops a a character naturally while Machias’ more or less ends and is just there. His disdain towards nobles is at least a bit understandable but the whole point becomes a bit moot as later developments shift his previous dynamic with Jusis and their conflict practically becomes meaningless as early as the first Bareahard chapter. Rean sure as hell sheds the ordinary protagonist traits so Machias is here is what’s left of the ordinary guy and while relatable, he definitely could have been more involved.