Music of the Week #323



Ao no Kiseki/Trails to Azure approaches the 100% with each passing week and I’m ready to be thrust back into the seat to finally be caught up with the series. While I’m already spoiled on what occurs in Cold Steel 3, I’m still very eager to get to that as well seeing as how its gameplay seems to be the most refined in the Cold Steel sub-series. Can’t say I’m a 100% for what actually goes down in the ever-so-important plot but I’m in dire need of some RPGs in me.

Speaking of which, this week’s theme does a decent job describing my hunt for a decent RPG to sink some time into. This is the tune that plays whenever the crew enter into a cave and that usually means either saving a group of people or looking for some good loot in an inevitable side-quest that will have you walking back and forth the cave’s interiors.

Music of the Week #322


On time

In an attempt to further strengthen one of my servants in FGO, I ended up summoning some other servants that are realistically fantastic additions to my rather weak line-up but I can’t help but be at a loss for words to receive these results when I only wanted something so simple. I’m rather stunned, awed, and slightly angry since out of all the chances to get a particular servant, it wasn’t Gilgamesh that came to me so I guess I’m a bit irked on that end. Not sure how to feel at all right now with pre-event scrambling to level up servants I would have never used going on right now factoring into that. I should be happy right?

This is the that one tune that convinced me to try the series out. This is THAT theme that sticks with you when you hear it outside the game the first time and the one that sticks by you the entire way through. Sophisticated Fight is one hell of a catchy tune that’s the MAIN casual battle theme so you’ll be hearing it a lot. The chipper and energetic tune perfectly reflects the first entry of Trails in the Sky and how it captures the adventure that Estelle and Joshua undertake. While the tune is absent in the second entry, it comes back with powerful nostalgic punch in the 3rd and it’s easily one of my favorite tunes in the entire series.

Music of the Week #321



Was able to beat the 1% odds and roll myself a 5 Star Servant in FGO’s most recent summoning event. Also made this unintentionally late so Happy Late Thanksgiving to everyone in the states. Not much else to say that I finally felt some of that EX-Rank Luck for once in this game and while I wanted Medea Lily too, I think I’ll stick with the copy of 2030 I got for a while instead. Time to save up for another 5 months.

This week’s theme is a somewhat rare theme in the Trails in the Sky trilogy as to my memory, it only plays in the first game. While I say it’s rare in the series, it’s hardly a rare theme in the first game as it is the default “overworld” theme that plays as you travels around the various paths connecting the various provinces of Liberl together.

Music of the Week #320


Trucking along

If I didn’t mention how jarring this FGO event was, I’ll say it right now that while I’m pretty comfortable with where I’m at right now, I was pretty scared with how little points I was accruing and how gimped you are on the event currency without rolling for some event CEs. Thankfully, that part of the stage has subsided and I’m sitting on a decent pile of resources to get what I need and maybe some more. Not much else going on other than Trails to Azure getting even faster translation work as of this week, it’s sitting at 85%! I might be able to finally play it before the year ends too.

This week’s theme is one of the many themes present in the game that utilizes the main motif of Trails in the Sky. This little tune gets updated in later titles but it’s one of those unforgettable ones that play in a lot of the calmer and atmospheric moments in the game, usually onboard the airship rides.

Music of the Week #319


Almost late

Something is clearly wrong with me when I didn’t notice how off the pictures were until today, shows me how much I’ve been paying attention these days. So aside from not gaining the interest to catch up with these season’s shows, I’ve mostly been eyeing the new Total War Warhammer II game that I might cave in to buy, but also, Trails to Azure, the sole untranslated piece of the whole puzzle in our music-covered series is close to being fully translated by a circle of fans. Cold Steel 3 isn’t done yet either but that’s up to the hands of the actual localization wizards who probably won’t go back in their timelines to officially localize Zero or Azure anytime soon so there’s that. With how I treated Bloodborne and DS3, I wasn’t about to spotlight Azure’s OST without actually playing it so there’s some relief there that I’ll be able to get to it before we reach that point in our Wednesday spotlights.

This week in Trails in the Sky, we have the first town’s theme, Rolent. It doubles as both the name of the town and the province which is connected to Bose to the east, and Grancel to the south. Rolent is the quintessential starting town and the theme is well representing its homey and laid-back countryside vibe. The Bright family lives a couples way down from the road but the two kids and their father have made themselves quite attached to the town and its residents. The series has been lauded for its importance to NPC storylines and dialogue and Rolent is probably the easiest place to keep up with everybody’s since the Prologue has at least 2-3 events that change up everyone’s dialogue after they occur, which only adds to the immense amount of world-building the series has going for it.

Music of the Week #318


Almost sick

Aside from some shitty drops in FGO, I’ve been sick for the past two days with some serious headaches. Thankfully, nothing but my usually ravenous hunger and oriental medicines were enough to pull through it. There was a short list I compiled for which of the new seasonal series I might dive into but the sickness in the past few days really killed my motivation to sit through 20 minutes of just watching something instead of doing something with myself to keep my head away from the aching.

But enough of that, we’ve got tons of music to get through. Immediately picking up from last week, after we hear Joshua’s harmonica rendition of the Whereabouts of Light, the moment Estelle opens her mouth to compliment his skills has this little tune that SCREAMS beginning of a JRPG with its lighthearted and upbeat tone. It fits the setting and the first set of hours for the game extremely well.

Music of the Week #317



So I spent most of my time last week summarizing the premise of TitS and completely forgot to mention that I don’t exactly have any series I’m following this Fall Season. I’m looking through the series and will most likely have something to follow before the end of the season so just know that I’m not completely out of it yet, because I really don’t want to be and catch something entertaining but at a quick glance, I can’t find anything on the surface level that piques my interest. I’ll keep anyone reading updated on that end.

Not like I have any less to talk about in the music section though. We continue with our new spotlight with one of the primary motifs of the Trails in the Sky trilogy, the Whereabouts of Light or Whereabouts of the Stars depending on where you look. It’s a theme that is very commonly used in the game and a lot of its tunes can be heard within other themes as well but most people will remember it as the harmonica tune that Joshua plays at the very beginning of the game. The tune will continue to surface between this and it’s continuation in SC.