Music of the Week #497

Plenty of stuff

The business has lulled for a couple days before I take another project or two but I was apparently so busy last week being excited over Stone Ocean that I completely forgot to bring up the new spring season releases. Megalo Box got itself a second season that started like 2-3 weeks back and I haven’t checked it out yet. Recall that I didn’t feel as much entertainment from the rest of the series beyond the first two episodes and apparently Nanbu, the guy responsible for the best scenes in the series is gone. I’ll be waiting for some more episodes and get a feel for it before I dive into it. Nagatoro finally has its anime and I already caught up with all of its chapters the day I watched it. There’s a couple more to mention but I don’t think they’ve aired yet like the TWEWY adaptation.

I’ve hyped it up for like 3 weeks but here it is, Tubba Blubba’s theme. The boss fight is more of a joke while the Heart itself was the proper chapter boss. Incredibly catchy opening notes and just a sheer power behind it after some really fun sequences running from Tubba himself like that mech-spider boss in FF8. Every now and then I hum this tune because it stuck with me that well.

Music of the Week #496

Works not letting up.

But you heard the news didn’t you? Stone Ocean anime is coming and like I said before on how ASB had some good voice actors, we’re not getting Miyuki Sawashiro as Jolyne anymore which is a bit of a bummer. I’ve heard Ai Fairouz voice performance and I don’t have much issue with her taking the role since Jolyne was only voiced by Sawashiro for so long. Apparently Fairouz is a huge fan of Jojo so I hope she can bring some new passion into the project. I told you April would bear some good news. Beyond this news though, I’m still way too busy until the end of this month and I also seem to not have any good shots of Bayonetta so I think I’ll do the lazy thing and merge Vanquish and Bayonetta together and double up on the Vanquish screenshots.

We’re getting close to one of the boss tracks that really stuck with me through the years but another big element as to why the boss fight of Chapter 3 was so memorable was that he’s actually invincible. Plain and simple, he cannot be defeated by any means of which I know because he’s impervious to all damage so he probably doesn’t even have a healthbar. Thus you are forced to figure out the secret behind his immortality and learn that Tubba Blubba had previously removed his own heart and hid it away in the windmill you pass by on the road to his castle. Out of all the Paper Mario bosses, this set-up is easily one of my favorites.

Music of the Week #495

Oh hey, i’m one time

My current game project is on standby because I’m busy going through the boss rush mode to unlock its rewards. March is done and over with in record time, hard to believe I had a spare moment to play DMC5 like two years ago in the middle of the busiest times of the year for me. With April coming, we can hopefully wait for the eventual news on that Jojo announcement and finally get Stone Ocean’s anime be a thing. I usually talk about how All Star Battle had superior voice-work on some characters but Part 6 admittedly didn’t feel as “fits like a glove” feeling as the others did. Sho Hayami did Pucci in ASB but he’s already Vanilla Ice in the anime.

We’re not quite there on the Tubba Blubba theme but his castle did give me some kid-anxiety way back when because there’s a light stealth element right from the get-go. Tiny little saucer like enemies who you cannot engage in combat drags your ass out the castle doors if you get caught and you need Bow’s hide ability to avoid them. Beyond that, the castle hallways are littered with spiked club wielding minions who deal impressive damage early on. You have the option of sneaking past since they’re asleep on the job but they do wake up if they hear you.

Music of the Week #494

Late again

But I felt like not spacing these posts out a bit would feel weird any way. I’m technically less busy than I was before but March-April is the time when the workload is the highest. I’ve more or less finished the most important experience in a modern Fromsoft Game so hopefully I’ll be spending my time this weekend trying to finally get Bayo’s post out instead of trying to kill Genichiro.

This week’s theme plays in the mini-area after Forever Forest called Gusty Gulch. It’s a locale and a piece of music that I distinctly remember from the game for how un-paper mario like it sounded like but in a memorable way. Between Forever Forest and the upcoming theme, this theme does seem to get overlooked, but knowing what’s ahead, I can’t blame people too much since this chapter’s boss theme is also ridiculously memorable.

Music of the Week #493

It keeps happening

Not only am I busy with the usual work, I’m also way too busy playing games. I actually had some time to collect my thoughts one some game write-ups so hopefully the next time I’m not moving between projects I can finally post some.

So after getting through some spooky woods with laughing flowers, we arrive at the haunted mansion at the end of it, only instead of more spook, we get introduced to one of my favorite party members in the Paper Mario series, who may or may not gotten me really used to ojou laughter at a young age. While the woods were spooky, the mansion’s theme however is noble and whimsical as the boos are a lot more friendly than the woods’ general atmosphere might have given off.

Music of the Week #492

It keeps happening

I got more games to play, which means I can probably get away with posting the Vanquish and Bayonetta write-ups but I’ll still be really busy until next month and haven’t really progressed in any meaningful ways with the games I’m playing right now. I have had the urge to completely binge-watch that quintuplet anime though, and probably read it to completion. Speaking of anime, I’ve been meaning to point this out about myself but the two shows I am keeping up with only amount to 10 minutes each week.

Remember how I said that my first experience with Paper Mario was fighting the Buzzard? Well starting the game up from a new save file wasn’t even the second or third, probably. IBecause this was when Blockbuster was still a thing, it took multiple rents before the game was purchased and I played it properly. Before that occasion though, a save file was loaded right before Forever Forest and it spooked the hell out of young me and the fact that you had to navigate through its intentionally similar looking pathways didn’t help.

Music of the Week #490 and 491

Guess how busy I was

Had a lot of work over the weekend that it completely passed by me and things will probably get busier throughout March. Haven’t had the chance to start Yakuza 4. Elden Ring leaks came out of nowhere and honestly, I like what I’m seeing because literally more Souls-gameplay is A-okay to me.

Thankfully these two themes fit right together as they’re the area before the dungeon and the dungeon theme itself. Paper Mario does another desert theme level in Super Paper Mario but Dry Dry Desert remains the superior level as it’s actually more than just a couple of horizontally connected screens and consists around 6 to 9 tiles of the map. There’s a handful of goodies to be found all over but the literal oasis with the lemon and lime trees has the partner upgrade box that’s easily the most important. The dungeon itself is nothing to write home about other than being pretty spooky but that spookiness gets outdone in the next chapter.