Music of the Week #437

Busy Busy

So between now and next month will probably be me at my busiest but I finally got down what else I wanted to write about between the seasonal posts. Last time I mentioned some games but now I have a certain sub-set of games I want to talk about and I really want to get to them as soon as I can but I unfortunately am going to have an incredibly occupied weekend and then some more. I’m actually really looking forward to tackling these.

To compound my contained hopefulness, this one theme from Cold Steel plays during the one time it rains during the school season and Rean goes around with a umbrella being a tool again. This is the first time attention is given to one of the NPCs, namely, Rosine. Instead of the girls in the main party, Rosine of all girls is the one that Rean escorts around the campus with the umbrella which always stuck out to me why she got special treatment. Wouldn’t you know it, the secret NG+ content reveals a lot more truths going forward. Aside from that, who doesn’t like atmospheric rain?

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 16&17: Mother of Life, Sea of CG

These breaks aren’t really helping the pacing.

Seeing as how I’m writing up Episode 16 a day away from Episode 17, time to bundle up since not much is really happening. I’ll stress again how Lahmus definitely felt more otherworldly and threatening in-game for the aforementioned reasons because type advantages made them pretty beefy and they removed buffs, what assholes.

Ushi’s fight as well felt at least a bit more alarming because they fired off Hassou Tobi every single turn but at least I feel like they got the set-up for the finale down right.

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Music of the Week #436

Bit behind on things

Not going to lie, despite me hyping up all these terrible things happening in Babylon, it isn’t hitting me as strongly as the game did. Or maybe because I expected a much more distorted voice. Maybe it’s because the Lahmus in game were annoying little shits who didn’t have any class advantages to work with and their annoying buff removal made them much more of a threat in large numbers. Either way, my opinions are slightly shifting for Babylon and now everything rides on how hype they can make the finale.

This week’s theme is Strain, a tune that plays when the class is dealing with logistics, usually when they’re being assisted by another larger group such as the RMP or the host of their field study missions. No big complaints since I haven’t had the time to collect the rest of my thoughts. My big complaints are usually aimed down the characters since I have acknowledged that the world building and NPCs have remained in good quality.

Music of the Week #435

Another break

So Babylon apparently needed another break/recap so we don’t have much to talk about this week. Feels really weird having a break week despite coming out of a previous break around a month back but if this means making the lamhus look a bit better then I have little complaints, but I doubt that’s really the case.

This week’s theme brings about some respite as it is Bareahard, the first major city visited in the school trips that is also the home to the best character in Cold Steel, Jusis Albarea. I’ve made it no secret that I see most of the Cold Steel classmembers as bland and acting more like friends to Rean than being friends with everyone else in the class. Because of that latter part, development is locked behind Bonding Events but certain characters, like Jusis, develop no matter what and it saves them from being boring cardboard cutouts. Jusis hails from the House of Albarea, one of the four great noble houses in Erebonia whose personal conflict stems from his illegitimate birth and his struggles to live up to his calling as nobility. Unlike Alisa and her troubles with her mother, Jusis’ goals and character are a hell of a lot more tangible and understandable since his goal is a way of life and tied to his personality instead of just arbitrarily exuding any sort of business sense and tech savvy. Every part of Jusis’ chapters are heavily involved with the plot, inexorably drawing Jusis into the bigger picture as well with the exploits of his father and brother. In fact, I’d say Jusis’ plotline enough to make him a main protagonist if Rean wasn’t a million times more super special in his circumstances.

Music of the Week #434

Things are calming down a bit but that won’t last since it’ll be busy again by the end of the month.

Once that busy period ends though, I really want to get into some other writing projects I talked about. They’re mostly about games because what else do I do with my life? Talking about adaptations to stuff I already know will happen gets tiring sometimes, you know?

Given the series’ rich history with in-universe politics, the military installations in Cold Steel reflect the change in times from the brick and mortar checkpoints and large gates in Liberl, the huge guardian outposts in Crossbell, and the myriad of enormous, advanced bases scattered across Erebonia. None can say for sure if what Cold Steel’s portrayal of Erebonia being a lot different from what the two previous sagas had in mind was either a switch in atmosphere or not but the politics, at the very least, remain consistent, even if it takes a major turn for the worse in quality later down the line. I could take this chance to talk about Elliot since his dad is military and how his arc more or less concludes at 2, but there’s really not much else to talk about him other than the bare-basic “nice guy” trope in the class being filled out. That being said, Cold Steel far more than any other saga, has some serious issue about the parent being more interesting than their kid and most of their importance is focused solely on the familial relationship than their actual character.

Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 15: Big Smiles

I should have expected this.

So after hyping up the shit that’s about to go wrong, for more or less the entire time talking about Babylon I had the thought in the back of my head about how a mass of enemies would turn out looking like. All the ugallus and mushus should have clued me in but it is what it is.

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Music of the Week #433

I have an idea to liven up some posts around here with some other topics that I’ve been enjoying myself with recently but things are going to be busy for another month or two so I’ll see what I can put out.

I’ve already covered of what the combat consists of in Trails 1-2 and more or less 3-4 with the exception of Brave Commands but there is one thing I forgot to mention in most combat in general I feel, the series is incredibly easy to break in terms of combat. The Sky trilogy not only had some incredibly overpowered characters and imbalanced abilities but Earth Walling constantly was a valid strategy. The Crossbell games nerfed arts considerably with the overall EP counts being too low but Combo Crafts trivialized large encounters. Cold Steel followed suit with its Overdrive mechanic in 2, the Break meters in 3, and the first Cold Steel game had Crafts be completely broken because CP recovery and turn-order abuse was just so easily achievable thanks to damn near everything having the AT delay effect. Let’s not forget how quartz counts were completely taken out too.