Music of the Week #329


Before or after?

So it turns out that Fate Extra’s anime had its broadcast delayed until the 27th so I’m just here thinking I better get something out before Wednesday turned its head. Turns out I couldn’t since I don’t think I’ll have that much to say about Takagi-san so I’ve been working on that other project on revamping older reviews and that should be out before Extra comes out, look forward to it.

Finally after all those miscellaneous themes that play throughout multiple locations in the overworld, we finally get to the city after the journey concludes in Rolent. Bose is the 2nd city in the game and it’s 2nd least memorable city overall. Since the adventure is still only on its first-leg, I found Bose enjoyable but not comparable to the two following cities Estelle and Joshua visit in their journey. While the “missing” dad plot-line technically ends in mysterious way here, Estelle and Joshua formally start traveling together after the Chapter ends and that’s when I really began to enjoy where the game was heading.

Music of the Week #328


A new age

Winter is here and I actually have a few things other than Fate Extra to watch during the season. The only thing off with this situation is that Pop Team Epic is something I can’t really describe in your usual episodic coverage or talk about in general. Then there’s Takagi-san but that’s something I don’t really need to “cover” traditionally. Aside from having things to watch however, I’ve been getting into that self-conscious mood where I went back to my older pieces of work and couldn’t stand to even read them. So I decided to a do a little recall on the really old posts and noted down all the series I’ve covered since the start of this site back in 2011 and turns out that we’ve relatively recently made it past the 100 series mark so I thought that was a bit neat. With that in mind, I’ve decided to talk about the ones I currently deem obsolete and talk about them all in an upcoming post. It’s kind of like that short little Rewatchables thing I did last year but this time I’ll be sure to start what I finished, look forward to that as well as Fate Extra.

With something actually worth saying, let’s unintentionally contrast my convictions with a rather laid back theme this week. This week’s tunes exclusively play in the armed checkpoint/border gates that are scattered across Liberl in between the borders of neighboring countries such as Calvard and Erebonia as well as being in the gaps between provinces in the country itself. The laid back tune of the theme shows a rather simple attitude towards border patrol.

Music of the Week #327


So close

A couple days late but Happy New Year to everyone reading. This site hasn’t really advanced too far aside from slight bumps in writing quality but I honestly treat this place as an outlet for me to keep writing things, no matter how droll or insignificant the topics I talk about be. The act or writing, or rather typing, is an entertaining and rewarding experience to keep my fingers light on my keys and keep my vocabulary and wits sharp and up to date. A slight inkling of inspiration to go revamp my older reviews is hitting me so while I won’t promise too many things, I might start writing some bigger pieces.

Anyways, if there’s one thing that’s a constant, it’s these weekly music spotlights and how they’ve been getting posted later and later these past few weeks. I’ve been coming late on Wednesdays in particular so in lieu of that, this week’s spotlight of this theme is fitting, and probably will be for a while. This theme exclusively plays during the night-time where it’s usually calm but night-time is always that sort of time for some shady things going on.

Music of the Week #326


Hopes a risin’

I realize that December is pretty damn close to ending and was just reminded that Fate Extra’s anime adaptation is coming in January. Whereas I avoided Apocrypha because of all the terrible things I’ve heard of it and the fact that a horror called Astolfo exists, Extra is something I can at least look forward to because if not for the Playable Servants, I absolutely love the opposing servant-master duos that come with it. There’s rumors of what sort of story it’s going to be since it was confirmed to not be a full adaptation of Extra and I’d lament it if they tried to shove in all three playable servants to be a part of the main cast. Time will tell but we’ll see how well that fares, at least now I have a series to cover again.

This week’s theme is one of the earlier tracks that really caught my attention as every other theme before was some comfortable and cozy adventuring tracks but the Secret Green Passage that first plays in the forest near the town of Rolent really added that depth of a multi-layered adventure that wasn’t just going to be searching for the duo’s dad.

Music of the Week #325



Star Wars 8 might be the biggest mixed bag of emotions I’ve seen in my life, and that’s all I’m going to say about it. Actually no, there’s one thing to note about the movie and it’s this “one” scene that made my jaw drop and I think it’s going to have that effect on some people when they first see it but that one part is so mind-numbingly cool that I think it was worth 10 dollars just to see that part. Nevermind the rules and logic of that particular scene, it looked great.

Anyways, we’re moving on before it gets any later. This is one of those themes that usually plays on a small village or non-hostile location along the big roads between the larger towns. I think it really captures that feeling very well, it feels homey enough and just out of the way from the bigger plot threads that it really feels comfortable to be around.

Music of the Week #324



That new Arcana Heart release on Steam made me remember that series was still kicking. I’ve been seeing the kickstarter campaign by Examu themselves to try and help them release the updated version of the third game in the west and they need a lot of help. I personally couldn’t imagine how much support they managed to get but I’m still more interested in seeing Arcana Heart 4 with better graphics or something. The series is pretty damn old and it still hasn’t updated its sprites at all. Even so, Six Stars is just a late port since its arcade version was released around 2014. Still, I never had the chance to play Love Max all that much so I might get it to at least know how it plays again, just hope I don’t find any Clarice players.

This week’s theme is the other overworld theme, one more attuned to showing off a specific part of Liberl. Compared to How They Walk in Liberl, Rock on the Road has a slightly less adventuring, more hunting involved. Sometimes it feels even more relaxed than Walk in Liberl as the theme is also used a lot for the shorter byroads that connect the big towns to smaller areas than the big pathways leading into another major city.

Music of the Week #323



Ao no Kiseki/Trails to Azure approaches the 100% with each passing week and I’m ready to be thrust back into the seat to finally be caught up with the series. While I’m already spoiled on what occurs in Cold Steel 3, I’m still very eager to get to that as well seeing as how its gameplay seems to be the most refined in the Cold Steel sub-series. Can’t say I’m a 100% for what actually goes down in the ever-so-important plot but I’m in dire need of some RPGs in me.

Speaking of which, this week’s theme does a decent job describing my hunt for a decent RPG to sink some time into. This is the tune that plays whenever the crew enter into a cave and that usually means either saving a group of people or looking for some good loot in an inevitable side-quest that will have you walking back and forth the cave’s interiors.