Music of the Week #136

The end is nigh


At least, the end of classes are nigh. I’ve now just been given a lot of work to do in terms of gaming. I have stepped into the world of sorcery in Dark Souls II because I never once ever built my characters as mages or casters so now I finally see why people do so. While I did enjoy beating bosses faces with the blunt end of an iron stick, cheesing their shit with extremely powerful magic is so nice. I guess the lack of spell variety really put me off in the earlier games. Plus it helps that there’s now a sword that acts as a staff too.

Other than planning out 2 more builds, a friend of mine finally returned my DS so now I can finally put my bred Pokemon to use. In addition, while not too many people will care so I just decided to cover GA’s 2nd game again because I love the series too damn much. I legitimately cannot stop hummung songs from it as well, someone help me.

I completely forgot ACEN is in a week so I since I will be attending all 3 days, expect some delays in next week’s post lineup. Black Bullet will be most likely delayed until this weekend unless I feel extremely up to it. This weekend will be hectic since I have to peer edit a few of my friends’ essays well but I’ll manage.

If anything, this is an excuse for delays but when you got Jojo and DAL II on my schedule, I will most likely cover those first.

Moving on to actual music, we’re going into Bakuman’s ending themes first because I just happen to find the endings more memorable. I don’t like the first one as I like the 2nd one but oh well. Here you go.


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