Date A Live II Episode 5&6- It’s Genderbend Time

With Jojo out of the way, we got in order: DAL, Nisekoi, Black Bullet

So let’s not waste any time here folks.

DAL II has now covered the fanservice volume known as Volume 5 (Episodes 2-4) and now moves on to the Miku and DEM arc that goes from Volume 6-7. Since DAL II has 10 episodes in total, episodes 5-10 will be all about covering that. Not a lot of people like Miku or the events in Volume 6 all that well since 6 serves as a buffer to Volume 7 where the real action begins. That being said, when I got into the series I never really went in with expecting anything groundbreaking from a premise that involves dating girls to save the world. That being said, let’s get to it.

I won’t mention it anywhere else but the Fraxinus crew is really getting some love. Kannazuki and Shiizaki got some extra scenes and now its Nakatsugawa with the idol worship.

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Music of the Week #137-138

Caught back

Champloo 1

So more Internet connection problems plague me but everything should be fine now. DAL will be posted either today or tomorrow depending how I feel like but most likely today. Nisekoi tomorrow and Black Bullet the next. Other than catching up, not much else to tell you all. Nisekoi and Black Bullet still actually need to be watched and written so I’m off to do that, while waiting to be summoned in Dark Souls II since I need my Sunlight Spear.

Galaxy Angel posts to come whenever but most likely pretty soon because I can’t stop playing them.

Double music post for you all. Bakuman’s ending #2 from the missed week and a new series music to be started. May 20th was the day Samurai Champloo aired its last episode so we’ll be going through some sweet beats from the Champloo music pantheon, to start it off, here’s the opening. It isn’t my most favored of tracks but how else to start this off?