Black Bullet Episode 3&4- Gotta go fast

Look at this guy. The episode aired Tuesday and he’s posting his thoughts on it as the last series for the week. Well, classes end in around 3 weeks and immediately after classes end is ACEN. That’s not excuse for my tardiness but if anything, let’s just say Jojo, DAL, and Nisekoi had a bit more time to grown on me than Black Bullet has. It’s a matter of time before this stakes a claim but for now, this will most likely keep happening. Jojo and DAL take usual priorities but Nisekoi ends in 4 episodes.

Would you look at that, it’s a double coverage.

Anyways, circumstances and favoritism aside: We got more of our semi-competent MC with a loli that’s pretty cool. Rikiya Koyama’s voice is doing wonders as Hiruko but Kira will be the best voice he has ever done. Screw that laid-back asshat from DxD.

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