Music of the Week #367

Almost on time

I’ve forgotten how long the exposition in Part 5’s start took. All that stuff about Koichi and Jotaro, Giorno, and Luca, but I will say that Giorno’s little intro with helping out the girls and stealing money is anime original. Unless it’s been that long since I re-read Part 5 but that really shouldn’t be the case since the repeated re-releases of the chapters with better translations have been relatively recent. From here on out though, I should be able to analyze the anime’s additions to see what they can alleviate from what is known to be Part 5’s rather prominent issue, Giorno himself. We’ll get to that when it’s time.

This week’s theme counts us down to the dwindling days of summer and into the fall, it’s the final dungeon theme for the 3rd where instead of choosing that one party to carry on through the boss rush, you instead make 4 complete parties out of the entire cast and tackle the castle as a team. Out of all the final “dungeons” in the trilogy, I probably enjoyed this one the most even if the story relevance for the separate bosses that the multiple parties fight don’t really matter until the end.