Music of the Week #369

There’s another month

Things are winding down a bit but my excitement for Part 5 just can’t be contained. There was one thing I forgot to add to my recap about how much I’m loving these scene transitions and reaction cut-ins that seem way more manga-like than usual with the other parts. I really like how it adds to the scene much like how the transitions in Part 4’s animations added to the overall feel of things. We season looks strong and apparently my old LN flame Date A Live is getting a 3rd season slated for Winter of this year and I hope I won’t need to be as critical as I was with it last time.

Anyways, this week’s tune was swapped with next week’s theme from Trails in the Sky 3rd as I didn’t feel too right ending it off with this track compared to sending off its music spotlight with my favorite tune from the game. So this week we’ll get this playful tune that plays during the dreaded fishing mini-game segment that’s available. When the time comes for next week’s music spotlight you’ll hopefully see why I didn’t choose to end 3rd’s music spotlight with this.