Music of the Week #368


I’d talk about how amazing this new opening and ending is but not only was I too excited to properly talk about them in the actual episode recap (as well as having gone overboard with the summary), I’m also a bit busy today so I don’t have much time to talk about that as much as I would love to so I’ll probably go over all of that in this week’s episode where we’ll no doubt get to Polpo and the start of the Black Sabbath fight. Until then, STAY GOLD

This week’s theme brings us to one of my favorite moments in all of the Trails trilogy, the final scene during the 3rd where after all that has happened, the main cast have one last moment to say goodbye to each other in the Phantasma before they reawaken in the real world. If the 40+ hours each from FC and SC didn’t leave an impression from the characters on you, the extended time with 3rd and watching all the doors will definitely tie a neat ribbon on top of the entire package as the characters take turns in thanking the others and hoping the best for their endeavors before they leave the Phantasma. While I have one issue regarding a certain character staying way longer than she should have, the scene is easily my favorite but my actual favorite tune will soon follow, this song is just here because the scene was just so heartwarming.