Music of the Week #366

Bring it all in

BnHA ended when I completely forgot that it was just going to be a two-cour and didn’t really know if it was going to be 24 or 26 episodes, those always confuse me sometimes. Anyways, I was starting up my bi-weekly recap but started writing up the seasonal recap instead, which is honestly a lot easier since there’s less exposition to go over. The end of the season is upon us and Jojo literally starts up this Friday so I’ll try to get BnHA’s writeup quick before we switch back on over to Jojo Fridays.

To match that feeling of excitement, this week’s theme is the “special” boss theme akin to FC/SC’s Silver Will except now it’s for the 3rd. Overdosing on Heavenly Bliss is just as grandiose as it sounds and it plays during those key moments of 3rd where its literally phantasmal setting allows for much much larger and grander fights to take place than its predecessors. Easily one of my most favored themes from 3rd as it captures a lot of excitement and the atmosphere of awe.