Music of the Week #365

It keeps happening

Yet again, an event in BnHA I think will take up more of the episode’s focus ends up relegating said event to the episode after. Somehow, just somehow these bi-weekly schedules just write themselves up. I’d talk about the recent events of how someone got a hold of Trails of Cold Steel 4 early and how I sat through someone stream chunks of the game but we’ll save that rather depressing discussion when we get to it.

This week’s theme is ironically related to the very statement above regarding the fate of the Cold Steel saga as the beginning workings and allusion to where the series would lead to when it reached Erebonia’s saga starts here. Within the many doors in the Phantasma, one of them features the Erebonian side of things and the introduction of a very crucial character in the series, Giliath Osborne and the fancy scene where one of our cast members throws down the proverbial glove to oppose him in one of the trilogy’s standout character moments.

Music of the Week #364

Hurry it up

Classes resuming is only going to make me busier as the weeks go by but hey, October is almost around the corner. BnHA’s double feature came out relatively fast because I was admittedly looking forward to this particular episode if you couldn’t already tell.

This week’s theme is reminiscent of an earlier theme but given its context in the actual game, it’s tone is completely different. The tend of themes for the past couple weeks have been very “introspective” and if I failed to mention this any time before, I should have clarified this point then. Unlike the other 2 games, 3rd replaces the world traveling with dungeon crawling and a good chunk of the side-content involving other characters involve entering these “doors” that give you a glimpse into their lives, be it before or after the events of the primary games. One such character’s past is elucidated upon that was rather, “noticeably different” than the others.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 60&61- The Fight we’ve waited for

It finally happened.

From the onset of the series, Deku and Bakugo’s relationship has been a point of contention that many people hated the one-sidedness of its dynamic and this is something that even I wondered how to approach as even after all they’ve been through, the two never never had a heart to heart. Imagine my reaction when this internal fever pitch reached its edge and the two just had to duke it out but thankfully without too much lethal intent.

And look at the ending too, we’re getting those three to show up. How far are we going to go with this season I wonder.

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Music of the Week #363


Much to my disappointment, the fated confrontation between Deku and Bakugo occurred at the end of last week’s episode and the rest of it was more exposition on the exam’s drop-outs. In short, that’s another two-parter I’ll be covering but hey, the season is nearing its end and if BnHA comes back, we’ll be dealing with a much more focused arc instead of another transitioning arc like this one. If not, we got PART FIVE IN LESS THAN A MONTH.

This week’s theme, in contrast to the creepy one from last week, is another theme that is tied to Kevin and Rie’s shared past growing up with Ries’ sister, Rufina. The theme in question is the Aster House, the orphanage they grew up in and the subsequent tragedy and set forth Kevin’s occupation and the birth of his ability.

Music of the Week #362


A bit late on this because things are starting to get busy. Last Saturday was also pretty busy for me but I had that BnHA episode waiting to be talked about for almost three weeks and if all goes well with this week’s episode, I think I can keep it on a singular recap episode. Aside from that, not much else to say other than the Fall season is approaching and I for one, am very excited.

This week’s creepy and unsettling theme plays during one of the pivotal moments that takes place around the middle of 3rd’s story. 3rd is my 2nd favorite entry in the whole Kiseki saga and Kevin is one of the primary reasons as to why I love 3rd so much. His involvement in the plot and its events shape up an admittedly cliche character arc but the execution in which it is presented was very well done. This point of favor rings hilariously ironic when the next saga basically features the same arc but done way worse.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 57&59- Lightspeed Rescue

The provisional license exam continues onto the rescue portion of the heroing business.

I ended up giving in to the fact that I’ll continue to need two episodes to cover for episodes involving this arc but with Episode 58 being an original, I don’t think I’ll be covering that. I mentioned before that I wasn’t too keen on this arc compared to the bombshell that was AfO vs. All Might but next week’s preview definitely triggered a memory and I actually know what’s coming next. At the very least I can look forward to that before we enter a rather long arc with Mirio and Overhaul that I think we won’t even see animated for quite a while.

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