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Date A Live S3: An Odd Place To Be

Date A Live used to be one of those series I actually enjoyed, I’ve said it multiple times in the past where it’s “that” series for me where I looked past its shortcomings and kept up with its releases. At this time there are 20 volumes of the light novel out and I’ve only really read up until volume 16 before all of the translations went up on some Facebook group with a bunch of people who can barely speak english, which is strange to think about when you take a minute and read it over. Nonetheless, I stopped at the point where all of the spirits were revealed and the true “antagonist” or rather perpretrator of the series is revealed, to nobody’s surprise” and haven’t really kept up with it since. It’s around the time Kurumi finally gets sealed and the end-game began.

But that doesn’t have to do too much with this post since we’re only going to be talking about the volumes Season 3 covered, specifically volumes 8-12 and part of me strongly feels that we won’t get a Season 4, let that clue you in on what may or not be a quick overview of the rest of this post. Then again, that’s what everyone thought about Season 3’s existence after the mishap of Season 2. It’s definitely been a while since that hasn’t it? Back then my defense for Season 2 was that the volumes covered weren’t the best and the prioritization of the twin’s arc was to the detriment of the more serious and action oriented Miku/Tohka arc. Season 3 suffers right from the get-go to my opinion but I was surprised here and there.

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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Mini-Review

What baited me in with my favorite fetish outfit became a pleasant watch even outside of said fetish outfit.

Long time coming to talk about one of the more beloved series that came from last season. Despite all the praise, and even when I enjoyed it myself, I didn’t really find it as intriguing as many others. That probably has to do with me caring more for the fact that Part 5 began to exist and that the middle of the week during that season was pretty hectic. To me, this was just something along the lines of a Bakemonogatari with a little bit of Oregairu and that’s definitely an entertaining formula but there’s definitely a group of people that finds either of those titles to be a bit much with the exposition. Now, I enjoyed the latter, I stopped caring about the former, and I’d place Bunny-senpai comfortably in the center.

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Castlevania Netflix Animation Seasons 1-2 Review: What a horrible Season to have filler

Let’s take a crack at something new for Halloween.

When I first heard that Castlevania of all things was getting the Netflix original treatment I had little expectations because these things NEVER turn out to be all that great or worth mentioning. I frankly never heard of Warren Ellis but if nothing else, the choice to adapt Castlevania 3 was a lot smarter than say adapting Castlevania 1 and 2 since 3 at least has the adventuring party of Trevor, Sypha, Grant, and Alucard.

I’m not the most avid Castlevania fan but I have had my experiences with the series in its earlier incarnations on the NES and SNES before the awkward transition to 3D on the N64 and PS2 and the limbo it went through on the console space while the series had a revival in the handheld platforms. The subject of this talk however pertains primarily on the NES title Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, the PS2 title Curse of Darkness, as well as elements of the legendary Symphony of Night on the PS1 as the Netflix animation covers them all three to a degree. Now I say to a degree because not only are the first two aforementioned games linked chronologically on the canon timeline Konami put out but the animation bothered to incorporate the plot points from Curse of Darkness that begin in Dracula’s Curse into the adaptation which is something I appreciate the thought of because the people behind this seem to really want acknowledge the other games in the series. Symphony is mostly in there to help characterize Alucard and Dracula, which is a pretty big deal.

So how does the adaptation, from a western studio I might add, do to the Castlevania name? Well let’s find out, but I’m not going to pretend you can’t read the title so you already have a rough idea.

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Boku no Hero Academia S3- Enter the New Era

It only now occurred to me how that was the season’s ending, guess they couldn’t kill someone off for shock value when they’ll probably do it the opening 5 minutes of the next season.

Oh you didn’t know? Season 4 already got announced much to my surprise but I guess the Overhaul Arc is pretty long for an entire season to be based around it. Seeing as though we’ll have ourselves a break from BnHA for just a little bit, let’s talk about Season 3.

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Megalo Box- The Thirst for Victory

The season’s “sleeper hit” comes to a close in a way that most didn’t expect.

Megalo Box opened up with an incredible two-episode start that captivated many people’s attention back in the start of the season and that certainly included the likes of me who showed up nearly two weeks late to the series’ start. As a project meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of legendary sports manga, Ashita no Joe, Megalo Box conveys a retelling of the series with its own spin on things. As exciting as its start was, the question remains on how it continued on to its finale. Since I have yet to actually finish Ashita no Joe, but by presence in the anime/manga community alone, I am aware of some things regarding its plot, I will avoid trying to compare it too much and talk about Megalo Box on its own.

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Ryuuou no Oshigoto- King Lolis

I’m no exact stranger to series like this, although I’m not sure what to really classify these types of series as to begin with. Every now and then I need something really light-hearted and apparently sports/competition based to tide me over until something interesting comes around every season. Ryuuou no Oshigoto isn’t exactly the replacement Bamboo Blade, which I sadly haven’t had the time to talk about around here, but it still provided me something entertaining every Monday to sit through while I worked out.

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Gamers!- [Speech 46/50] “It was just a misunderstanding!”

It’s always an experience to pick up a series half-way through the season and have a slightly different viewing experience compared to the others. I’m bringing this up specifically because I feel like I would have disliked Gamers! if I had been watching it weekly every week since the start than being able to binge watch it more than half-way and only catch the last 3 episodes. While I knew about the series’ through a lot of the references it made that surfaced on twitter during my twitter art raids, I never really bothered to watch it until recently. It was probably because it was around that time that Hajimete no Gal was boring me to tears first. For what Gamers! turned out to be, I can at the least say that it was more enjoyable than what Hajimete no Gal was though.

The key word being least

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