Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 1: Welcome back to Italy

At long last, Vento Aureo is here.

Truth be told, I caught the camera-recording of the first episode way back in July but now that I got to see the first episode, I’m excited to finally talk about it. And no, I will not call it Golden Wind because Vento Aureo is at least more sensible than Diamond is not Crash. Because this recap is already long, I’ll just share my quick sentiments right now, which only want to address the seiyuu changes from the game. Now, this already happened to Stardust Crusaders and DiU (of which the only person I really wanted to remain as they were was Josuke) but I’m not sure if I wanted Sugiyama and Akabane out as Bruno and Mista, hell I think the entirety of Part 5’s VAs were fantastic in the games which includes Abbachio, Narancia, and Fugo. Fugo’s VA in particular is someone I’m partial for so I’m sad he’s out. Narancia’s voice was pitch fucking perfect in the games so I’m a bit sad to see him go. I’ll hope for the best since I haven’t exactly been let down. Also, pink on Giorno is nowhere near as great as blue.

Our story continues from Part 4 where Koichi arrives in Naples at Jotaro’s behest and at the same time, we see a rather dashing, blonde young man walk across the less than glistening streets of the underground crime rings. The young man reverse mugs a man who stole a girl’s wallet and walks off with some bills. He goes to buy some ice-cream and also happens to buy one for a kid on the street. Koichi leaves the airport and runs into said young man performing a trick to the police, allowing him to engage in business as a taxi driver. Elsewhere, gangster Leaky Eye Luca hears of a man named Giorno Giovanna making a killing these days and decides to investigate. Giorno offers Koichi a ride and eventually convinces him to give him a ride to the hotel for cheap but Giorno takes off in the vehicle after Koichi loads his luggage. Not being new to the rodeo, Koichi uses Echoes 3 to stop the car in its tracks and Giorno takes off after feeling something amiss. Koichi reaches the car but finds his luggage gone as a frog hops its way out of the rear seats.

A bit later, Giorno waits by a fenced area before Luca arrives and invites him for a little talk. Luca explains that he demands a protection fee and Giorno protests that he’s already paid the airport security guards off. Luca gets angry and swings his spade and Giorno dodges it without effort. As Luca prepares to swing again, the frog from before makes its way to Giorno and Luca gets even more pissed. Giorno tells Luca to stop but as Luca lands the spade square onto the frog on Giorno’s chest, the latter is strangely calm as he explains the folly of Luca’s attack against an innocent life. Somehow, the imprint of the spade’s collision appears on the back of Luca’s head and he falls to the ground and Giorno walks away as the frog reverts back into Koichi’s luggage case.

We get a quick flashback to Jotaro giving Koichi this little mission where Jotaro wanted Koichi to investigate someone named Haruno Shiobana in Italy. Jotaro requests a skin sample of the target for the SPW Foundation due to the target’s interesting genealogy. In the present, Koichi walks through a cafe and sees Giorno about to pay and leave and Koichi closes the gap to apprehend him. Echoes 3 activates its ability again and Giorno finally sees that the car from before wasn’t malfunctioning at all and calls forth his stand, Gold Experience. The stand punches the ground and the table debris covers Koichi from seeing what happens. He makes his way around the table and finds a tree growing on the other side, and Giorno sitting on top of it. Koichi tries to break the tree but Echoes’ effects are reflected back to him and Giorno escapes again. As Giorno gets away and boards a train the next day, Koichi calls Jotaro to inform him of what occurred and Jotaro responds that he’ll wire Koichi some money and the latter asks what Giorno has to do with them. Jotaro reveals that he was the one who killed Giorno’s father, DIO Bando, and wishes to see what happened to him based on the stuff that happened to Josuke. Koichi notes that Giorno apparently had his hair turn blonde recently and that he is no doubt a stand user.

Back on the train, Giorno is approached by a man who exclaims his luck when he picks up a coin and is asked about what he would if he found a sack full of money. Giorno casually states that he’d take it and the man asks him what if he were a policeman who heard that and Giorno responds saying that he’d give him half the money to stay quiet. The man in white is entertained and makes a strange comment about knowing when people are lying but moves onto the point. He is an acquaintance of Leaky Eye Luca and has come to find Giorno if he knows anything about what happened at the airport. The man states that Luca’s boss couldn’t care less about his wellbeing but it only goes to show that if someone kills one of his men, he’d need to respond to the attacker. He asks Giorno if he knows anything and Giorno keeps his cool and says he know nothing. The man leaves but as Giorno opens up his balled up fist, he finds an eyeball in his palm and freaks out. The man from before creeps in by the train’s window and reveals that to be Luca’s eye and he takes a quick lick of Giorno’s cheek and tastes the sweat of a liar. The man introduces himself as Bruno Buccellati and declares that his interrogation will become a torture session as he strikes Giorno and makes the latter spit out Luca’s severed fingers. A strange zipper unravels Giorno’s face and Giorno realizes that his opponent is a stand user.

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