Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 5: Explanations Galore

They actually did it, they extended the entirety of that post-fight explanation with Keicho into an entire episode. But to be perfectly fair with you, the photo scene got me pretty hard since these family based tragedies and reconciliations are my weakpoints. But hot damn, they made the Nijimura Bros arc into 3 whole episodes. Thankfully, it seems like Echos/The Lock will be one episode, hopefully it stays the same for Surface.

Special props to the OST for making me feel really sad about the bros.

Koichi and Josuke decide to remain in the house to find the Bow and Arrow in the case that Keicho will continue to utilize it. They ascend to the attic and the noise of groans and chains rattling unnerve the duo and Koichi begins to fear his decision. Either way, Josuke urges him to kick the door while he would quickly run in and grab the bow and arrow mounted on the wall. Koichi’s leg is grabbed from the shadows from a malformed green hand and Josuke punches it, only to sever it completely and seeing a shambling mess run away from them. The two look at the creature with certain fear and Keicho walks in to explain that the creature is his father, transformed into a mess because of DIO’s cells.


Keicho goes on to explain that he used the arrow to create and find a Stand user that could have the ability to end his father’s pathetic state. 11 years ago, the Okuyasu family’s mother passed away and their abusive father started to lose his business. Suddenly, he became rich again and the young Keicho’s research had him connect his father back to the mysterious DIO who gave him riches as he worked under him. But shortly after, the father quickly lost himself to the flesh bud after it went berserk following DIO’s death. For 10 years, Keicho had watched his father in absolute shame and contempt to see him turn into such a thing. As the deformed father groans over a chest, Keicho starts beating him, and Josuke notices the father doing something with some pieces of a photograph. Josuke stops the beating and restores the photo. The photo reveals the Nijimura family’s photo and the father begins to cry at the sight, while Keicho lets go of the chains and Okuyasu begins to cry too.


Josuke offers his help to find and restore their father and asks Keicho to hand the Bow and Arrow over and Okuyasu walks in to convince his brother to stand down. Keicho however refuses to hand it over but Josuke notices someone else looking through the window and the electric outlet buzzes with electricity and a yellow stand materializes. Keicho punches Okuyasu out of the way and takes the blow for him and is dragged through the outlet, yelling at Okuyasu to not touch him as he would be drawn in too. The crew head to the roof and they find Keicho’s charred corpse on the power lines. A few days later, Keicho is buried and Okuyasu stops by Josuke’s house as he had just transferred to his school. A nice little touch to start a lasting friendship.

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