Hundred- I’ve seen this one a hundred times

Man, I have been waiting all season to make that joke. At this point, everybody must have had thought of that at least once.

Production IMS has come a long way since DAL 2. I assume all those BD sales from Shinmai Maou raked in all the dough for them to make a few more regular series that look pretty decent without any sort of promises of BD’s fixing all their visual hiccups. But visual quality alone can’t make up for a series and today, we’ll be looking at this season’s other harem series simply called, Hundred.

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Music of the Week #248



Jojo needs to go up but I really need to pump out these series recaps so let’s not waste any time with some small-talk since I’ve been honestly busy with a lot of things as of late.

This week and and next two’s themes will be from Bomberman Heroes, the less popular Bomberman game for the N64 which I personally didn’t love as much. However, if there’s one thing the game is remembered for, it is for its soundtrack. This week’s theme is Redial, one of the most fondly remembered track that I honestly don’t remember hearing.

The Asterisk War- What happens after the tournament ends?

Consider this a mini-review because, for better or for worse, a lot of the problems from the first cour carried over to the second cour.

Aniplex’s 2-cour “titan” Asterisk finally comes to an end and boy does it end on an extremely boring cliffhanger. As I’ve mentioned above, there’s really not much to say other than that the Bad things continued to remain bad while the good things remain good and on the latter portion, there’s not that many. So let’s get this over quickly so we can get to the full-blown stuff, shall we?

Oh, and with a bunch of series ending the past week, there won’t be recap as per usual in the final week.

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Spring Anime 2016 Week 12

I’ll keep things short than normal/short as per usual since there’s nothing all that new at this point than what has already been said multiple times for the past few weeks.

Make way for the Series Reviews after this, which will be my main goal in trying to get done in the next few days.

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Music of the Week #247



Haven’t had much time to get things in order so I apologize on that end. Asterisk as well as Hundred are the current series to have ended their run this season but the latter’s 11th episode is something I still need to recap before I get back into the Series Review portion for all the stuff that will end this week. So I’ll leave you now with that in mind to get some stuff written up before all of it starts to pile.

This week’s theme is the Multiplayer Battle theme, one of the most fun segments of Bomberman 64 where you scramble with your friends to either knock them off the map or blow them up.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 12- An End of an Arc

Consider this, Akira only did what he did because he didn’t want to finish school, work hard at all, and mostly did petty crimes like stealing shit. Aside from a few out-of-character-in-hindsight murders, he really wasn’t all that much of a villain. But the series itself, at least the anime adaptation here, recognized this and had two doses of foreshadowing for those keen enough to notice.

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Spring Anime 2016 Week 11

Really behind on this one and for a few series, I think their finales are coming along this week. We’ll see how those end up and I’ll get the series reviews up and running appropriately. But things are all shaping up toward a resemblance of a finale, as they all should. I’m still wondering what series are going to be 12 episodes or 13 though.

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