Music of the Week #240

And the hammer falls


Seisen Cerberus is definitely something I would like to enjoy because we honestly don’t have enough actual fantasy settings without the protagonist dying and reincarnating. It’s a shame but you can only do so much when you’re not even feeling up to watching an episode every week. Anyways, this season still has a lot of stuff I’m watching so there’s some good to that. But at this point in the week, I’m too hype for Civil War to talk about anything else so I’ll see ya’ll on Friday or Saturday with Koichi and Tamami.

This week’s theme is another one of my favorites, the “final” world of Bomberman 64, the Black Fortress. When I was younger, I thought it was a full sprawling cityscape with the first level having a traffic section. Haven’t been able to see it clearly all that well nowadays but it definitely made it feel enormous. To make sure the final boss was the leader of the bad guys, Altair, the 2nd stage boss is a big tank-like machine. Altair’s theme is also a damn nice theme so we’ll get that next time.