Music of the Week #241

And on we go


It’s hilarious to consider how me not wanting to sit through episodes of Cerberus led to slightly more detailed weekly recaps, here’s hoping I feel like writing more and better quality stuff each week. Jojo is stepping into the weekly enemy basis but that’ll change once we get to Yukako, who DavidPro has made really really nice looking compared to how creepy she looked in the manga. That being said, can’t wait til she makes her angry face.

This week’s theme is an unexpectedly badass boss battle theme where we fight against the leader of the masked trio, Altair. He is joined by his drone companion, Vega and they gang up on your. Sadly enough, Altair himself has no cool abilities like Orion or Regulus and his entire gimmick is Vega. Nonetheless, a surprisingly cool theme for a cool looking boss that isn’t all that tough.