Spring Anime 2016 Week 5

Finally a week without delays and hiccups, took us quite a bit to get back on track.

The episode count is pretty varied all around due to said delays but we’re nearing the halfway point of the season. I hear that BnHA is actually going to be one of those longer adaptations but I could be wrong. The only thing I intend to continue without a shadow of doubt is Jojo but there’s only one real series that has the risk of getting dropped by the end of this week so we’ll see how that turns out.

But it’s good to be back on track after all this time.

Hundred (4)

Manning Up

So apparently, idols can have hundreds too and, well, that’s mostly the point of the episode. MC is personally requested to be our idoru-chan’s bodyguard solely because she downloaded a video of him kicking some ass and outright asks if he wants to get married. Best part of the series occurs when the MC hits on her back and she retreats after she is too flustered to say anything. Aside from the rest, ain’t nothing more to say because Emile just feels off and idoru-chan’s costume is laughably slutty.

Cerberus (4)

The adventure finally starts, but only at the end after we get some hot springs shenanigans. I’ll give this one more episode to bring up a setpiece in the next town or something interesting enough to make me not drop this. We’ll find out.

Kabaneri (3)


The “Captain” and “TanK” was way too damn English, props to that VA for speaking decent enough Japanese for me to notice. The train is stopped for some momentary prayer and the segregation against the two that saved everyone’s pathetic asses continues. However, as much as we’re led to believe that the Kabaneri aren’t exactly crazy, they still seem to have the primal need for sustenance. That cliffhanger was just right though, I can’t wait for how this shitstorm turns out.

Sakamoto (4)


We got the lazy upperclassmen and the fat mom arcs this week and both showed off how much Sakamoto can move around. I swear they get some Grade A voice actors each episode to act like a fool in. I swear blondie was being voiced by Yusa Koji and the fat man also reminds me of someone else. The creepy mom arc was definitely a lot more disturbing with her fixation with the voice work and it was hilarious to see Sakamoto hide, makes for some funny out of context shots.

Asterisk (5)

Kirin and Saya fight against the two robots with some awkward CG moments and a completely lack of care since the opening is enough to tell me that these two job the fight so Ayato can face off the merged robots later down the line. The fight isn’t exactly all that amazing because of the aforementioned CG but just the constant talking and the fact that it’s literally robots they’re fighting against. Then how else to keep these two losers relevant after a tournament loss other than to involve them with rescuing the green haired ear-sore?

Ace Attorney (5)

PhoenixHodo has money troubles when he gets no clients and Maya’s interest in a certain TV Series have the two end up offering to defend him in court after an on-stage murder incident. The trial goes underway immediately and while most of the witness’ testimony points toward the defendant being guilty, PhoenixHodo raises the doubt that the witness herself could be responsible as well and the trial is adjourned for further investigation.

Hero Academia (5)

What is this face saying

Deku once again finds himself in a pinch where the first day of class has his shady teacher test everyone’s abilities in a series of physical examinations and the ones that take multiple last places are to be expelled. Deku’s stats are average across the board so far so he has to find a way to get top scores on at least on test. His edgy teacher berates him but Deku finally accomplishes something cool for once without completely breaking down crying so that was nice.

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