Music of the Week #242



Going to be a busy weekend so I’ll just preemptively warn everyone that cares that even Jojo will be delayed this week. Not much else other than me not having any idea on how to properly pass my free time other than rewatching all the Harry Potter movies because I wasn’t exactly “conscious” when I watched half of them. Maybe I really should get to configuring Dolphin to play Paper Mario again.

Anyway, this week’s theme is Altair’s 2nd form. After fighting him and his robot Vega, he fuses with his little mech to become an even more badass looking final boss than before. He gets a few new moves but fighting in an elevated position where you throw others, he can actually be the simplest boss if played properly. In my youth, he was the end of the game but lo and behold next week when I found out I was completely wrong.