Music of the Week #243

Back on track


Busy weekend but we’re back in regularly scheduled posts with last week’s recap going up tomorrow after this. Not much else going on other than that I’m actually enjoying the season if you haven’t caught on to that yet. It’s surprising me how much I’m enjoying it (even the bad parts) and I look forward to talking about the series in-depth once we hit the end of the road.

This week’s theme is quite the doozy in my experiences. Back when I played Bomberman 64, Altair’s 2nd form was it, that was the big ending right there with Regulus dropping by to save his boss and then maybe show up again in a future game. That turned out half right because Regulus is the only member of the villain’s team that survives as Altair is killed by Sirius in the game’s “true” end. Collecting 100 gold cards throughout the game unlocks the cutscene where Sirius shows up to finish Altair once and for all and retrieves the Omnicube as it was originally his. The final world in the game takes place in the Rainbow Palace, something I didn’t know existed at all.