Music of the Week #239


Drop Warning


Seisen Cerberus is taking it’s sweet time with its set-up before the grand adventure begins but to be perfectly honest with you, I’d tolerate something around these lines if it was a series that was going to be made in a lot of episodes but knowing that none of those actually ever happen anymore, I just think they’re wasting episodes at this point. Still going to give it a few more chances before I drop it.

A quick one this time around, White Ice is the last normal stage before the game kicks in for the endgame and for the zone, it’s very Christmas-y with penguins and happy happy snow. The subordinate boss battle takes place against Regulus, arguably the coolest looking enemy in the franchise and he’s astoundingly the easiest. He has no noteworthy projectiles but his draw is that he’s going to combo your ass to death if he catches you in his dashes. The happy happy Christmas feels turn further south when the last boss of the stage is an enormous ice spider wearing a mask that hides its freaky looking face. Plus it spawns its offspring at you as well as the floor breaking beneath you, it’s pretty jarring considering the previous stages.

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