Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1-2: Fridays are Great Again

I’m a week late but the opening is finally here this week, Jojo Fridays are back and now features the most happy sounding song for the series.

Unlike Part 3, I was looking forward to Part 4’s animation for quite some time and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see it come to light. While I had a handful of fights I looked forward to in Part 3, Part 4 and onwards have entire lists with fantastic fights and with Episode 2 already done, it only gets better from here.

But what I need to feel to clarify for anime-only viewers is the nature of Jojo’s progression now. Part 4 is considered a “Slice of Life” section of Jojo now and the new opening completely reflects its somewhat everyday-occurrence style pattern of meeting other people in town.

Right from the bat, we see Jotaro in the cab heading towards Morioh that passes by a Radio tower and the car radio begins to work again. Jotaro meets Koichi and gets directions to the Higashikata Household but they catch sight of some highschool students harass our main protagonist by the fountain. Apparently, Josuke has a fear of turtles (which is NEVER explained or revisited) but he is lenient on listening to his asshole upperclassmen. Soon enough, they insult his hair and Josuke’s mean streak activates and punches the upperclassmen across the mouth and nose and his Stand abilities are shown, where the clearly broken face is reconstructed. The turtle the upperclassmen threw earlier becomes healthy again and the upperclassmen run away.

Jotaro confronts Josuke and reveals his intentions for coming and introduces himself as Josuke’s nephew, as Josuke is the son of Joseph who was sired by Tomoko Higashikata. Joseph realized he had a son in Japan during his inheritance planning and sent Jotaro to make them aware. Note that Josuke himself got an immense fever a few years back the same time Holly was sick with her harmful stand. Josuke however doesn’t show any anger and accepts the truth but states that Joseph doesn’t need to do anything for him and his family as they’re quite alright living how they are. Jotaro reveals another reason for coming and shows Koichi and Josuke a picture of the criminal, Anjuro Katagiri (or just Angelo) that is on the loose. Jotaro warns both of them before the two leave for school, all the while, Angelo goes to work on a few unsuspecting townsfolk.

Keicho, Okuyasu, Hazemada, Yukako, and Rohan. Not pictured: The other two cameos
Keicho, Okuyasu, Hazemada, Yukako, and Rohan. Not pictured: The other two cameos

The same denizen of Morioh is seen by Josuke and Koichi when they follow police sirens and find a stick-up at a local mart. Everyone watches but the mere mention of Josuke’s hair on his proximity the guy’s car has the latter go crazy and saves the mart clerk and incapacitates the “possessed” denizen as a Stand. But nevermind the fact that Angelo is masquerading as the town’s milkman approaching the Higashikata house, this picture right up there. Just, we see 5 characters foreshadowed right here, 6 considering the mention of the radio tower. Actually, 7, with the whole beginning with the severed hand.

Episode 2 picks up with Angelo failing to trick Tomoko and then we get this amazing opening. No words can tell you how happy and groovy it makes me feel. It’s definitely one of those openings where more will get added since Koichi still needs a Stand and Rohan will show up eventually as well. Anyway, Angelo’s Stand, Aqua Neckalce infiltrates the house after dealing with a dog owner and Josuke immediately sees this and uses Crazy Diamond’s ability to punch his mother straight through the chest while holding battle to restore her and also capture Aqua Necklace. Josuke calls Jotaro to inform him of the situation but as he takes his eyes off the bottle, Josuke’s grandfather takes a swig of the stand’s disguise and kills him from the inside out. Angelo escapes but he stakes out near the house while the locals attend a funeral, with Tomoko being away from the house for a while.


3 days later, Jotaro investigates footprints and it starts to rain. With Aqua Necklace’s ability, Josuke and Jotaro try and gain safety in the house but Josuke kept himself prepared as when the humidifier leaves Josuke’s mouth open, he reveals her shredded a rubber glove from inside his mouth to capture him. Outside, they easily track Angelo down and Josuke’s anger spikes and he punches Angelo to the large rock near the curb.

Standard and stylish run of Aqua Necklace and Angelo but the real fun begins next week with the Nijimura Brothers. Can’t wait for that.

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