Spring Anime 2016 Week 1-2

Spring is definitely a savior with it formally ushering in new year content aside from the overlapping residuals left from the Winter Season. Even I’m surprised to find myself watching this amount of shows, but I don’t think that will last all that much since some are actually teetering on the edge of being watched or dropped but we’re still a one or two more weeks away from the classic 3 episode rule but after last season, I’m feeling pretty generous.

So let’s not waste time, let’s get down to what I’m watching this season.

Ace Attorney (1-2)

It astounds me why Yuki Kaiji is voicing Phoen- Naruhodo and the art style looks completely bizarre from what I expected. I was deprived of the Ace Attorney experience and I hoping to get caught up in it with this and while I admit this isn’t the best idea, I just pray it doesn’t turn out like Blazblue’s anime.

Asterisk (1-2)

How rare it is for the fat guy to be the most interesting character in the series.
How rare it is for the fat guy to be the most interesting character in the series.

Surprisingly decent starter with a fight that blows the first cour’s finale right out of the water. You didn’t even need to develop these guys all that much but they were enjoyable to watch. Double that with their actual role in the series to foreshadow the ultra-smug twins that Ayato and Julis will have to fight later down the line. The new OP isn’t as catchy but the visuals are definitely more exciting than the cookie-cutter shit we got last season. The ending isn’t as great though but hopefully, the series this time can hopefully make up for it instead of the other way around.

The good stuff didn’t last as we get Clara, whose seiyuu voiced Karen from Shomin Sample but now somehow has a painful voice to hear. Other than her and Julis talking, there’s barely anything else to this episode that isn’t fatman Dirk and his cute secretary. The backgrounds to the fight in the beginning do get some light so thank goodness for that.

Sakamoto (1)


Everything I imagined it to be. Sakamoto paves his way through the hearts of the female students and the males alike with his entire form radiating an innumerable amount of swagger and confidence. They got through the first two “arcs” involving the three delinquints (of many to come) and the attention-seeking blondie. I definitely can’t wait to see more of this. The opening and ending are pretty amazing as well.

Hero Academia (1)


One Punch Man from a few seasons ago and this are the reigning popularity kings in the manga industry from my limited scope of awareness but it’s not something I hate. Japan seems to be getting in the mood of the whole hero shtick and inspiring stuff like “what it means to be a hero” and “trying your best” always get on my good side so yeah. First episode was a complete introductory course while the second episode is also setting up with what it seems like the 3rd one being the same. Interesting to see so far.

Seisen Cerberus (1)

Even with Matsuoka voicing a sword-wielding MC, I’m on the fence about this because he’s surprisingly the only thing interesting in the series so far. He’s not completely overpowered but this is on the fence and I hope it sets up for something more interesting soon.

Hundred (1)

At least she looks nice
At least she looks nice

The Good: Main character is not some forced underdog but someone apparently pretty competent. The Bad: What really is the point of keeping the main girl dressed as a guy when official anime artwork already showed how enormous her tits are. Also, why does everything need to be settled with a duel. Oompla Loompa scientists with cute catgirl assistant didn’t really help sooth this either.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (1)


It’s pretty much Shingeki no Kyojin only without the retarded 3D gear zip-lines and more believable applications of steam with the usage of guns. Instead of a raging wannabe who always gets saved by Mikasa, we got Ikoma who happens to be smart enough to be an engineer. The world is all types of screwed with paranoia on infected humans and I’m actually really surprised at how engaging this was. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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