Music of the Week #238

More Jojo


Spring Season chugs along and we’re already a month in. It truly was a season worth waiting for since I think this might be the most I’ve ever watched or rather, most I’ll get talk about by the end of the season. It’s funny to think how many seasons I end up watching things I hate but now I’m actually having a lot of fun again every week, I definitely missed this feeling.

Anyways, let’s not waste too much time since I have nothing interesting to share and I’ve, surprisingly, have anime to watch. This week’s theme is from the third stage Red Mountain that fittingly is a volcanic stage with minecarts and all the good stuff a set piece like that brings. Fire hazards a plenty and while I couldn’t talk about the Blue Resort’s final boss (which was just a giant fish who cut apart the raft you were on), Red Mountain has a lot of things worth talking about. Artemis was alright but the mini-boss in this stage is Orion who in my opinion is the toughest mini-boss in the game. Whereas Artemis just threw fire at you, Orion fights you head on and instead of using bombs, his main strategy is to stun you with an AoE force-field and then throw your ass into the lava. If that wasn’t enough, he leaves behind an explosion after he’s defeated that can kill you. The final boss has Orion return but this time, in a mech.