Music of the Week #236

Hit the overdrive


The Spring season is here and I’ve got around 5-6 shows already on my queue. Jojo will be the one that will get episodic updates individually while the rest will get their recaps every weekend as well. I’ve only got one more left to go so I’ll stop talking to get right down to work so I can talk about some newer stuff.

And what better time to not get distracted so I could also talk about this week’s track. This is Blue Resort, the theme of the 2nd World of the game that takes place in a nice bay-like area. While Green Gardens is remembered fondly in my memories, Blue Resort is my single most adored track in this game’s library. When I first re-heard it during the earlier days of Youtube, I was happy to hear its relaxing tunes. Somehow, I completely forgot about the 2nd half of the song with its beautiful crescendo of tunes. I can’t tell you how much I love this song and how much I miss Bomberman but I have to share the love a little more equally for the rest so here you go, one of my most nostalgia inducing tracks from the N64 era.