Music of the Week #235

It’s time


I completely forgot that yesterday was Wednesday when I was piled with writing more reviews. Shoujo Tach is out and I’ll be posting series review in the order they finished. For those that don’t know that will be Schwarzesmarken, Bahamut, Phantom World, and Dagashi Kashi. Weekly Episodic reviews will kick off tomorrow again with the return of Jojo. Get hype.

This week’s theme, we continue with Bomberman 64’s nostalgia trip with the Boss Battle theme. At the end of every level, you are given a relatively large boss to fight against and in the case of Green Gardens, it’s a large dragon. But given the circumstances of the series, chucking bombs to kill a dragon doesn’t sound all that amazing but the boss creativity does go up from here.

Shoujo-Tachi wa Kyou Kara Mezasu- Romance Not Included

A completely average, but enjoyable title.

More often than not, Visual Novel adaptations rarely tend to do well. Not that I inherently hate Visual Novel adaptations outright, there are a few that I would actually like to see animated, but adaptation decay is the staple element when you take pages and pages worth of dialogue, exposition, and monologue of different characters into around 12-13 episodes of content. The bigger problem arises is that most visual novels that get adapted are bishoujo games, which demands a hefty amount of characterization, but also require the main protagonist to choose a girl by the middle to experience a fully fleshed out character, this does not tend to happen all that much.

So with this already set, Shoujo Tachi wa Kyou Kara Mezasu, or Koya for short, is a bit of an oddity: Koya is an adaptation of a visual novel that wasn’t even out yet, with the game itself releasing a day after the final episode aired last week. Essentially, what we got was the “common route” while the actual development probably happens in the game. But we’re here for the anime so let’s talk about it already.

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Music of the Week #234

In the new, out with the old


So contrary to what I said, Phantom World ends next week so this will be just be Shoujo Tachi, Dagashi Kashi, and Schwarzesmarken, still a good combination in my opinion unless one of those three is 13 episodes as well then I basically just have a break this weekend. Anyway, I’d rather work on them now so I’ll get right to it.

As I explained last week, Bomberman 64’s worlds are separated into four stages and the 2nd stage will always feature a boss fight with another character similar to you. In Green Garden’s case, it’s Sirius who is not exactly affiliated with the villains led by Altair. While a mysterious figure, he helps you through multiple occasions and teaches you the ropes with the mechanics. He also has a bitching aircraft mode that lets him fly.

Winter Anime 2016 Week 11

ScWe’re reaching the end of the season and you know what that means, Series Reviews. If you were around last seasons, I revamped the process into something a bit more presentable so I’m actually looking forward to talking about them. As much as I would love to sink my teeth into tearing apart Bahamut, that ends next week.

With that in mind, Bahamut’s episode this week will be skipped in lieu of the rest of the series reviews that are going to be worked on instead of the weekly recaps. See you guys then.

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Music of the Wek #233

Here we go


Another Pokemon rush is underway since I got the near last of my desired 5-6 specimens ready to be transferred to a new game. Aside from a Wall-Skarmory, this will probably conclude my stuff for Gen IV before I move on to near-perfecting my Gen V team. Other than that, The Last Stand is finally seeing some play again, and thank god for that, there’s an achievement for an unlockable gear I would regret not getting so I’ll take the opportunity and try to get it.

This week’s theme is one of my all-time favorites and 2nd favorite overall of Bomberman 64. Green Gardens is the first scenario of the game and while simple, it has a ton of hidden stuff packed into it that requires you to cleverly maneuver around obstacles to gain new power ups and collectibles. Each “world” is separated into 4 zones: The first and third zones being map traversing and puzzle solving, the second zone being a boss fight with one of the lieutenants of the main bad guy, and the fourth zone is the bigger and stronger boss. This particular theme of Green Gardens play in the 1st and 3rd zones, enjoy.

Winter Anime 2016 Week 10

Stuff is getting decent, I guess. It’s literally just Bahamut that isn’t completely annoying me right now but that should be a given. Hell it’s doing so bad right now that I barely need to take any screencaps of it.

But hey, something I was looking forward to finally happened and it was an absolute blast to watch.

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Music of the Week #232

Almost there


Borrowed Heartgold from a friend and now it’s time to just hit the Daycare to just breed me an Aron, a Murkrow, and a Wailmer. A Scyther is in there too but it only has a few moves to learn through some tutors and level up than any sort of breeding and thank god for that since I had a nicely natured one and I sure as hell wasn’t going to repopulate whole other continent with Scythers.

But back to nostalgia time, this week is the stage select theme for Bomberman 64 that showcases the 5 (secretly 6) worlds for you to choose from. The theme still resounds in my head a bit better than most of the other themes from the game with its determined tune. We’ll get to the more specific and nostalgia filled tunes in the coming weeks.