Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 7: Dancing All Night

People have waited years for a certain set of panels to be adapted and we definitely got something.

I definitely didn’t think they’d go for a full sequence off of just on 5 panels but they went above and beyond anyone’s expectations with that dance. Even after watching it again, I’m at a loss for words on how to exactly describe it. Some clearer shots of the actual dance moves might have been better but I’m not complaining after that.

With Mario Zucchero’s Stand attack done and dealt with, Buccellati’s crew take their aggression out on his zippered-off head while Giorno and Buccellati think of their next steps. Mista takes the severed head torture to a new level and lets Zucchero dry out his eyes against the sun while he, Narancia, and Fugo funk off to a tune. Abbacchio resumes his investigation to try and figure what else Zucchero might be hiding and they come across a recording of Zucchero relaying information to his partner to meet him up at Capri in around 30 minutes. The crew fear for the possibility of not reaching the island to time, tipping off Zucchero’s partner and risk having him flee to return in unknown circumstances and compromise their plans for later. Giorno hatches an idea however, and states that they should take the initiative and head to the island before the yacht does. Giorno uses his abilities to turn a life-buoy into a fish and volunteers to head to the island to mark their target. The crew is skeptical but Mista voices his agreement to the idea and volunteers to go as well, brandishing his gun and his Stand, Sex Pistols.

The duo make it to the island and Giorno is taken aback when he finds Mista setting up a table by the rocky shore where he prepares for lunch. Giorno asks Mista to take this seriously and Mista calms him down, stating that the lunch he prepared was for his Stand and not for himself. Sex Pistols, or rather, the 6 humanoid stands that comprise the stand, apparently behave a lot more human compared to other stands and hate working without eating. Mista signals that they’re almost done eating and tells Giorno to man Zucchero’s radio and see if they can track him down on the harbor. Giorno stays far while Mista approaches the docking area but no sign of Zucchero’s partner is seen. Mista decides to inform the harbor attendant, who calls Zucchero, by name but still no signs of any significant responses show. Giorno suddenly hears a voice coming from the other end of the radio and Giorno scopes out the harbor building to see a figure already inside. Mista, who at this point is in full view of the building’s window, doesn’t notice this and Giorno is forced to yell into the radio to give Mista the clue while Zucchero’s partner immediately starts to run after recognizing Mista.

Mista takes aim and fires, his Stand changing the trajectory of his bullets to land on his target’s leg. Yet the chase only begins and Mista chases the blood trail outside and quickly enters the truck to finish him off.

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