Music of the Week #373

Time to relax

Getting some well earned vacation time for the holiday week. Jojo’s recap is all done and I’m dreading the thought of Sale’s fight taking one more week so at the very least I expect urinal gold by the end of the episode. Not much else to say other than just expecting to be one schedule for the next couple of weeks since it’s that time of the year.

As mentioned in last week’s music spotlight, the scene is set for the story to begin as Lloyd and his SSS members are tasked with repairing the image of the police force by handling the everyday requests of Crossbell’s citizens, effectively mimicking the popular Bracer Guilds and making a rather genre savvy excuse for police officers going around finding lost cats and solving domestic concerns. People being people however has the SSS a bit looked down upon, given it’s just the start of the game, and the other high-ranking investigators are skeptical of the potential the SSS carry despite drawing talent from all over. Thankfully, the police squad themselves are highly virtuous and aren’t the subject to too much internal corruption like most other games portray their profession.