Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 8: Guns Blazing

When you think about it, Sale’s ability is pretty awesome for such a mook character. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this because Sale actually comes back in a way some of you wouldn’t expect.

My predictions were off once again as it seems we’ll get Trish’s introduction and the formal kick-off to the part’s main plot next week. While I didn’t say it, I at least thought that if they weren’t going to end it on the urinal stash, it was going to end at the funny outtro where Giorno plays up his gangster side and demands the driver to start driving again.

This time we get Mista’s flashback that is notably WAY less dark than Abbacchio as Mista only got into the gang-life after he committed murder in defense of a helpless woman. Before this, he was just a happy-go-lucky bum who beat people who disagreed about movies with him and hit on girls even if he didn’t have a chance at too many of them. Despite being simple-minded, he was content with his simple life. All this changed when he saw a women getting roughed up in a car and he dragged one of the guys out and beat him down. Two of his friends out of the car and the first man pulled out his gun to shoot Mista down. Somehow, not a single shot landed and the man’s two friends did the same with the same results. Mista slowly, under a small hail of bullets, walked towards the first man, beats him down, and takes his gun. He patiently reloads the revolver, while still inexplicably avoiding bullets, and then kills all three of them.

Back in the present, Mista chases his target onto the departing truck and immediately aims his gun towards the driver but is even quicker to realize his mistake and aim his gun back up to the top of the truck’s cargo to shoot the correct person. Sale gets shot and while Mista is cautious to be too sure and sure enough, Sale gets back up and deflects the last of Mista’s magazine and Mista finds that he’s unable to move his left hand away from the truck’s rail and the driver is also unable to let his foot off the gas pedal. Sale gloats at how Mista’s retaliation and Buccellati’s presence on the boat confirms his suspicion that they know something about Polpo’s treasure trove. Mista figures out the gist of Sale’s abilities when he notices the three bullets he shot at him floating in the air near Sale’s position. Mista doesn’t give in just because one hand inhibits him from reloading and he shakes his head down to reveal spare ammunition in his hat and a couple shots line up with his revolver’s cylinder. Mista shoots back and while the first couple shots are deflected by Sale’s Kraftwerk, the last shot guided by Sex Pistols lands a clean hit on Sale and sends him flying off the truck and onto the ground. Both Mista and the truck driver are lifted of Kraftwerk’s effects and truck continues going up the hill while Mista freaks out over having only 4 bullets available to him. He decides to tell the driver to turn around so he can meet back up with Giorno, restock, and share information of Sale’s face to make sure he doesn’t get away too easily.

Sale however reveals himself ahead of the truck, having used Kraftwerk’s abilities to “climb” up some debris up to his position to finish Mista off. Mista steels himself for the final shot but is taken by surprise when Sale shoots one of his bullets back at him. Mista gets shot through the side and Sale reveals that he can accumulate enough force to send the suspended bullets back at Mista. Mista quickly gets back on his feet to return fire and shoots toward Sale’s mouth. Sale takes the hit by now that Mista is out, prepares the last bullet in suspended air to finish him off. But what Sale didn’t realize was that Sex Pistols rode the bullet towards his mouth to reposition themselves instead of enhancing the shot. Sale realizes too late when he sends his bullet flying with Sex Pistols on it instead and they redirect the shot into the first headshot hole Sale got and he is taken down.

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