Music of the Week #371

A new start

A busy weekend had me completely occupied so I’m a bit behind on covering Jojo which I hope I can alleviate soon, or just cover two episodes at once by this week since we technically are in Zucchero’s fight for last week and this week’s episodes. Still a bit busy this week but I’ll see if I can get last week’s episode done before Saturday comes back around.

While Trails in the Sky FC and SC came out within a year in between for Steam, the fate of the series’ continuation was iffy. This was due to the recent release of Trails of Cold Steel and the decision to focus on its concurrent localization and release while it was still on the spotlight. Some slight hope was restored as after Cold Steel 1-2 were released, Xseed came back to finish Trails in the Sky 3rd but once again, the Zero/Ao entries into the series just didn’t have the time to be focused on. This is especially vexing for a couple of reasons as for one, the Crossbell duology is considered to be the peak of the series in terms of gameplay and story, and especially where the story is concerned as it takes place within months of Trails of Cold Steel’s plot before its sequels basically have them take place simultaneously. Nonetheless, an unofficial but workable english patch has been out for more than a year and thanks to that, I was able to experience the games for myself and let’s just say that I can wholeheartedly agree that these games were simply amazing.

Kick off those dusty boots since our adventure through Liberl is over and put on a new pair of shoes to enter into a whole new setting. Back in the many political discussions within Trails in the Sky, one of the locations that come up is called Crossbell, a satellite state that is bordered and “shared” by the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic, the two other major powers next to Liberl in the Zemurian continent. Whereas Liberl was considered a backwater kingdom, Crossbell reflects the look of a contemporary city with orbital cars, apartment complexes, and shopping districts thanks to its close relationship with the technological collaborations with the leading pioneers in technology with the Epstein Foundation. Set in the overarching storyline at least two years after Trails in the Sky, our new journey puts us into the shoes of Lloyd Bannings, a rookie police detective fresh out of extended training who has just returned to his native Crossbell to follow in the footsteps of his late brother. However, the news he finds waiting for him at the Police department is the last thing he expects to undertake which sets in motion events that will change his life and Crossbell forever.