Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 3: Trial by Fire

Two more weeks until the Gang Star train leaves its station.

We get out first proper enemy stand fight next week as this week only served to start the fight with Polpo’s Stand where we’ll get its conclusion next week. I imagine most fights will end up this way since unlike Part 3 and 4, there’s not too many one-off fights and Part 5 has the most amount of action-packed fights in the series so we won’t be all too bored when the combat kicks up a fair notch a lot earlier than before.

One other thing I definitely need to mention is the stellar work DavidPro was able to put into the first two episodes. Not only were the visuals spot on but the added scenes with Giorno’s motivations definitely do a bit better to portray his character has his lack of characterization during the middle parts of the series is a frequent complaint for the part. I can’t wait to see what else they add.

Gioro reaffirms his dreams and announces his intent to have Buccellati become his ally and overthrow the gang’s boss. Buccellati is actually convinced through Giorno’s dream and especially by his resolve to break his own arm to win their previous bout. Buccellati says that he will inform his superiors that he was unsuccessful in finding Luca’s killer and introduce Giorno to the organization, but he makes a statement about traitors and that Giorno will be on his own if he is under suspicion for his true motives as traitors are dealt with accordingly and he will not support him if this comes to pass. Buccellati leads Giorno to his superior’s location and explains the gang which he plans to join and overcome, Passione. The boss is strangely an extreme recluse and nobody is said to know his name or face but either way, should Giorno want to achieve his dream, he will need to enter the gang first. The duo arrive outside of a prison and Buccellati directs him inside to meet his boss, Polpo, a capo in the organization and the one who administers the initiation test and hands out orders from within his cell.

Giorno gets patted down as he enters the cell and he finds an empty room but the strangely colored behind inside the cell “turns” into the mafioso in question, Polpo. The latter wastes no time in bringing out some wine to drink and Giorno realizes that Polpo operates within the safety of confinement since his body probably would be an easy target anywhere else. Polpo gets to the reason why Giorno is here and asks him a question on what qualities they look for in choosing someone. Giorno answers with one’s capabilities and a curious Polpo asks what Giorno is capable of and he produces the wallets belonging to the guards outside. Polpo is amused and further so when Giorno shows off his weird ear trick but continues with the conversation when he says that the answer is trust and that Giorno must prove his trustworthiness to the gang in a form of a test. Polpo produces a lighter and hands it to Giorno under orders that Giorno must keep the lighter lit and return with the lighter tomorrow at the same time. If he succeeds, he will be made a member of the gang. Giorno’s first test is getting the lighter past the security check out and he only narrowly makes it out when he makes the lighter into a flower before he opens up his palms.

Giorno quickly rushes to his dormitory room where he sticks the lighter onto a piece of bread and goes to lock his windows to secure his room for tomorrow. However, Koichi of all people barges into Giorno’s room and searches around for his passport, one of the few items Giorno kept and didn’t sell for money. Giorno knows that Koichi will extinguish the lighter in fear of a fire if he sees it and he activates Gold Experience to turn his ceiling light into a snake to retrieve the bread with the lighter in it. The snake’s bite however has the bread fall and while Koichi finds his passport in one of the drawers, Giorno is able to make it out with the lighter and heads outside. As he attempts to calm himself down, he is splashed with water by the school’s janitor who was trying to clean the stairs. Giorno is stunned rather than mad but the old janitor takes a closer look at the lighter and turns it back on despite it being so wet. The lighter being re-lit however triggers the appearance of a shadowy figure and Giorno finds that the old man is being attacked instead of him and the strange stand produces an arrow from its mouth and stabs the old man and deems him not be a chosen individual. The janitor dies and as Giorno steps on a shadow catching the old man, the stand turns its sights on him.

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