Kirito lets loose after experiencing some player killing flashbacks back from SAO. If they actually featured those kinds of fights, I wouldn’t have hated it so much. More props to you SAO, you’re actually improving yourself but unless Asuna dies, nothing shall change.

In the end however, Kirito unintentionally gets the girl while being invincible as ever. Some things truly never do change

Following up from last week’s episode, Kirito is filled with terror when Death Gun reveals himself to be a member of Laughing Coffin, the most prolific Player-killing guild in SAO. While we only ran into their members two times in the first season, apparently Kirito, Asuna, and Klein accompanied some high level players in raiding LC’s headquarters. A battle would take place where Kirito would slay 2 people while a total of 30 players were killed. Death Gun however says that whether or not Kirito is the real deal back in SAO, he will still end up killing him later on. With those words, Death Gun parts.

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Kirito is visibly and mentally broken as he begins shaking and becomes unresponsive to others. Sinon headshots her opponent driving in a vehicle and comes out of her match to see Kirito sitting alone. Sinon isn’t too fazed until Kirito grasps her hand and has a devastating look on his face. The moment doesn’t last as Kirito gets called to his next match. Inside the match, Kirito takes a few bullets before screaming out loud and charging toward his opponent.

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This happens for the next few rounds until the final match is between Sinon and Kirito. The former has no intention of giving Kirito the headstart and she obviously is aware of what’s going to happen to her if he gets close. She sets herself up and intends to kill Kirito in one shot as the arena does not giver her too many options in terms of sniping spots. Kirito however doesn’t move an inch and this pisses of Sinon and pulls her out of her comfort zone. Sinon’s heart rate spikes and she misses every shot. She then gets angry enough to get out of her location and confront Kirito out in the open asking why he won’t fight seriously.

Sinon angrily and eventually tearfully demands and answer from Kirito why he doesn’t take this match seriously but Kirito reciprocates and apologizes and decides to reset the duel. He proposes that they will fight in a smaller area in the arena and Sinon will have one shot while Kirito will have only his lightsaber to fight. At the drop of a bullet from Kirito’s pistol, the mini duel begins. Sinon shoots but Kirito slices the bullet in half and closes the distance.

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Kirito grabs Sinon by the waist and goes off on spiel about him not needing to win anymore. Essentially, he just needed to find Death Gun and he got what needed to do. He also mentions him having killed 2-3 people and Sinon takes this on a much more exaggerated note thinking Kirito understands her past and what its like to have killed someone. Either way, Sinon forfeits the match but both of them are able to move up the ladder in the tournament.


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