Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 19- Stands on a Plane

We arrive at one of the more anticipated fights in the whole of Part 3.

My predictions for the whole Sun and Death 13 fights came down to this. Instead of getting an entire episode with the Sun like we did, I expected the Sun to last for half an episode while we got introduced to Mannish Boy and Death 13 or just ended with getting the baby and boarding the plane. Continuity problems aside as the episodes show (they were both paced near perfectly), I did not expect the Sun to get an entire episode.

So that aside, we’ve only got a few more weeks until we enter Egypt and the series going on break. While I’m sad we won’t get Jojo for another season, Fall is pretty stacked so I guess we can deal with it.

Kakyoin wakes up onboard a ferris wheel and is puzzled on why he has ended up here alone. Kakyoin is then joined by a dog and looks across the amusement park landscape and then picks up a card dropped by a spare balloon. The card reveals itself to be the 13th face card of Death and a scythe pops out to slice Kakyoin’s head off only to graze his hand but kills the dog instead. Kakyoin wakes up screaming but finds Polnareff concerned with Kakyoin’s cries. Polnareff explains the situation after the Sun and tells Kakyoin to get dressed as they are preparing to leave by plane. Kakyoin finds himself terrified of the nightmare but cannot begin to remember what happened. Before leaving, he notices his hands has been cut as well and hears a child cry on the death of his dog.

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Joseph is told that the plane he bought yesterday will be refunded to him as the pilot wishes to take a baby who has a high fever to the hospital. Kakyoin notices it smile with a some devilish looking fangs but no one else seems to have noticed. Joseph is then given the option to take the baby on board with them to leave it at the hospital on their journey. While he tells everyone that he will be dangerous, Joseph is given custody over the infant and takes off. The lady however reveals that she is not the mother of the child but was somehow given the intuition to fly with the Joestar crew.

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Kakyoin and Polnareff fall asleep and are awoken in the same amusement park area Kakyoin was in before. Polnareff is freaked out but relaxes once he is told this is a dream. While Kakyoin stresses the point that they need to be cautious, Polnareff is insistent that nothing bad can happen in a dream if they don’t think of bad things. A megaphone erupts the the dog’s corpse and Death 13 taunts the duo before emerging from the corpse as well and grabbing Polnareff’s throat. Kakyoin and Polnareff are unable to call out their stands within their dreams and Polnareff is saved when he woken up by Joseph.

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Kakyoin is slowly approached and he begins to panic enough to have himself flail around while sleeping. A stray kick on Joseph causes the plane to spiral downwards. Death 13 begins doing some freaky stuff to Kakyoin and the latter learns that the stand user is the 11 month old baby. Kakyoin tries to wake himself up by cutting his arm but is unable to wake himself. Joseph is able to regain control with Hermit Purple’s help but then crashes the plane after colliding with a pair of palm trees he was unable to see while celebrating that they stopped from crashing the first time.

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While the crew is safe from the crash, Kakyoin is very disturbed at these experiences he keeps on forgetting and the rest of the crew seem concerned of his mental health. Kakyoin then notices blood on his left arm and begins to clean it off, only to realize he had carved a bloody message on his arm while inside the dream. Baby Stand was carved into Kakyoin’s left arm and Kakyoin approaches the baby and surmises that the Stand user is the baby but this accusation is only held on his part and Joseph takes the baby away from him. Polnareff and Jotaro are worried over Kakyoin while the latter is lost at what he is supposed to do.

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