Space Dandy 2 Episode 4- Dandy the Musical

Not as musical as I had expected but nonetheless a solid episode.

I realized that I’ve been exclusively watching the dub version but for the sake of musical quality, I decided to watch both versions this time. In all honesty, they sound pretty much the same so I guess that’s a thumbs-up. It was a fun episode but of course, not all songs in a musical is necessarily amazing and that obviously goes for this too.

The ride known as Dandy is never the same. Alas this will be short because I can’t really judge music.

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Music of the Week #148

More non-recap posts coming.


Jojo is going strong and the fights will continue to get “Better” in terms of Part 3 as the weeks move on. Space Dandy is a fluctuating wave so we’ll just wait and see what happens. It’s not bad but every episode isn’t always great. SAO will be watched just because torturing myself is a must for every season. Admittedly, I’m okay with it so far since Asuna is gone. Blade Dance got a tad bit more interesting but I don’t expect anything else from it since everyone apparently praises the later novels over the older ones.

With that said, I got some other non-review posts coming in so look out for those.

I only got a good month left before classes begin so I plan to make the most of it in my definition. See you later folks.


Sword Art Online II Episode 4- First 5 minutes, does 2 “impossible” things

The game finally begins, and Kirito already accomplishes two things deemed “impossible”. How far will the perfect human being go this series?

At least we’re going at a slow, developed pace with some explanations going around. Hell, I hear we won’t see too much of Asuna either so that’s always a great thing. So while you may consider the slow pace to be boring, it’s sort of nice getting some actual explanations. Even so, I hear GGO isn’t all that great but oh well, as long as Asuna doesn’t show up, I’ll be keeping up since I like Miyuki Sawashiro.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 17- Beatdown

I’ve waited years for this moment and I was not disappointed.

Steely Dan’s dickish moves finally reach its glorious end when Jotaro delivers a satisfying barrage of absolute pain in form of a 22-second combo of ORA ORA. Many people agree that this fight is the beginning of the part where Stardust Crusaders actually gets good. I can agree with that as we’re in for a joke of a fight next week while we will most likely see one of the even more memorable fights in the series. After that, we’re almost toward Egypt where the fights get even better. Truly a time to be a live for a Jojo fan.

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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 2- Gotta go Fast

The series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering things I have seen many times. Opening up a post with this sort of attitude doesn’t really help anybody but if anything, goes to show how tiring it gets watching things like this. I watch plenty of bad shows and every season I watch a harem but Blade Dance is seriously testing me.

It’s not all that but stuff like Machine Doll and the likes had something going for itself with some unusual gimmick whilst Blade Dance is a merge between IS and any RPG ever. Oh well, I don’t like dropping stuff too much so we’ll forge on no matter how dumber it gets. I was first promised a decent main character but judging from the artworks of the LN’s, I don’t see anything different from the average harem lead. Hell, he doesn’t even look badass either. The focus goes on to the girls’ looks that they don’t even bother making him look cool with all those swords.

I’m sorry for you reading and for me writing this.

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Sword Art Online II Episode 3- Development and depth? In SAO?

So my question from last episode is answered and I will honestly say that I expected this sort of problem that Sinon, or rather, Asada Shino is facing.

So just because of actual backstory and having a motivation that goes beyond just playing a game instantly makes her a more likable character then nearly everyone in the cast already. What wonders backstories and actual motivation do to a character eh? However, that’s not saying much since Sinon will inevitably fall for Kirito instead of the nice, considerate guy who showed up this episode.

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Music of the Week #147

Almost caught up


SAO is going to get posted immediately after this so look out for that one.

Then we got the rest of this week to get down and I’m essentially back on schedule. With the little bit of extra time on my hands, I actually got some work to get done regarding some educational stuff while I got a bigger post planned for later. Look forward to it. Other than that, not much else going on with my life other than working, writing, and playing a game that I talked above above.

Have a Funkin’ Wednesday folks