Space Dandy 2 Episode 6- Cloudy with a chance of development

Character development and some amounts of foreshadowing?

In MY Space Dandy?

Surprising enough right? While it is the usual episode of Dandy we got some character we’ve never seen before while getting some other connections that are new to the series. Corresponding with the Opening of the series that featured Honey and Scarlet, we finally see them be a bit more significant than before.

Let’s down to it

Apparently Honey is seriously into pro-wrestling and rides a motorcycle.

Scarlet speaks to her friend in the registry center about attending a mixer to get herself to start a love life. On the other side of the galaxy, Dandy’s crew are in another financial gutter as they’ve gone apparently a few weeks without sustenance in hunt of another rare alien called a Cloudian. QT suggests reigniting their search and curing the starved Dandy from his delusions by going to a nearby planet to eat at a free buffet. Elsewhere, our titular Cloudian enjoys a nice afternoon of drinking tea on his cloud.

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Scarlet and her friend arrive at the mixer and have little to no luck in amiably meeting anyone. Dandy and Meow walk into the mixer and QT reads that food is free for females only. Dandy and Meow are able to trick the front desk and are able to chow down while Scarlet herself gets drunk and leaves the party. The cloudian of all things pays the location a visit and decides to whisk her away. Dandy and Meow step out and see this and are uninterested but the bounty for the Cloudian prompt them to give chase.

Space Dandy 2- Honey's trip

Elsewhere, Honey gets kidnapped and finds herself on the ship of Dr. Gel and Bea who decide to ask her for information and Dandy and say that they will begin processing information out her brain. We return to the Cloudian talking with Scarlet and the latter mentioning how Cloudians usually appear before desperate women to woo them. The Cloudian however begins to feel sad that while that is indeed true, he just wants to make beautiful women happy and wishes to just brighten their day. Scarlet apologizes but Dandy makes his grand entrance and the Cloudian leaves to greet him. Honey’s brain information overloads Bea’s sick machine and it turns out Honey is part-Cloudian as well.

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Dandy and crew are greeted and settle in to the Cloudian’s home (I forgot, his name was Gentle). Dandy meets Scarlet but he then remembers that he’s here to “save” her and capture the Claudian for money. Gentle accepts Dandy’s challenge as a duel but both have their attention taken away when a transmission from Honey prompt them to action. Scarlet gets angry at how the two men were fighting over her but get sidetracked by another girl. While Dandy and Gentle fight over the Cloud controls, Scarlet gets drunk with Meow.

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As soon as Dandy and Gentle come face to face with Gel’s ship, Honey smashes Gel down with a wrestling move and decides to leave. The cloud ship grabs Gel’s vessel but Admiral Perry decides to use the fleet to blow up the ship. Down on the planet, Dandy and co. make it out alive and meet up with Honey who recognizes Gentle as her half brother. Gentle’s cloud was destroyed along with Gel’s ship and he departs the crew to rebuild his cloud. Dandy prepares himself to capture him but a Cloudian without a cloud is considered a regular alien and Dandy’s crew are denied their bounty yet again. They decide to hitch a ride with Honey while Scarlet is left behind.

Quite the change in pace since we got to see some character traits I wouldn’t have expected. I heard that a semblance of plot would appear in the second series and seeing how we’re nearly halfway, it makes sense to get a good start now before shoehorning everything at us later down the road. By itself, the episode was decent but once again lacked the usual “one” moment that usually makes an episode Dandy.

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