Music of the Week #151

EDIT: Turns out I actually have something to do today. Non-review stuff next time. But not like you were looking forward to anything.

Less than a week remains.


Classes start up on Monday and it’s going to get busy once again. I’m actually up to date with this published so I guess I can work all day today on a non-review post for tomorrow. Then the usual fanfare with the weekend trio line-up. There’s literally not much else than that going on with my life as I just await the inevitable.

Either a figure post, game talk, or just something else. I have no idea what I want to do for tomorrow either but I got a lot of drafts up and going at once.

See ya folks later and to leave and end this summer with a farewell theme, let’s have one of my most nostalgia inducing songs from none other than Champloo’s final song. Here’s San Francisco by Midicronica.