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Music of the Week #567

No excuses here.

Just more of me being bad with time management when I couldn’t think of some blurb to talk about here. Distractions are everywhere these days and I haven’t really played anything “new” to really talk about besides Maou-sama at the end of the season here.

Thankfully, there’s a lot to talk about the song this week. Doopliss’ encounter is the one shining star of Chapter 4 of Thousand Year Door. The name gimmick is something you absolutely cannot be expected to know and the fact that his name being hidden is repeat-playthrough-proof is also a testament to his gimmick of having deliberately taken a letter off the typing board. While this complete asshole will make you walk back and forth between Twilight Town and Creepy Steeple 5 to 6 times, it’s a pretty neat little trick.

Music of the Week #557


I finished Elden Ring’s post around a week ago and wanted to save it until I got some pictures to accompany it but I think people have seen enough of the game to warrant adding the pictures at a later date if it means just getting my thoughts out in the open. Seasons coming to an end and I have only kept up to date with three shows while another two I’ve fallen behind on. Hopefully I can find the time to watch.

A bit surprising of a choice here for this week because I’m trying to think of occasions where a mid-boss occurred before Chapter 3. The only ones that come up are Lord Krump in the Prologue, Red Bones in Chapter 1, and the Shadow Sirens. I think Red Bones had this theme play but it wasn’t featured earlier in the OST which I thought was weird. I guess the mid-chapter break in the Glitz Pit is a lot more notable because you are physically not able to beat the Iron Clefts Duo until you get your Yoshi partner.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice- Now with four old people to kill

Even in the earliest of Souls games, active defense was more optimally achieved by the dodge roll. It universally costed the same amount of stamina for a roll than it would be to block an attack and 100% reduction shields or specific attacks would require a bit more effort to find and upgrade than simply rolling through enemy attacks. Certain bosses would be way too much on the stamina drain for a proper offense to be mounted ala Fume Knight so by Dark Souls II, the message was for players to start rolling more often. Out comes Bloodborne that did away with shields all together, even making fun of the idea, and added quick-step dodges when locked on. The emphasis on aggression, offensively parrying with firearms, lack of equipment weight and rolling penalties, and even healing HP lost with the rally mechanic all pointed towards a refinement given to the combat system. Dark Souls 3 kept some of this design philosophy with an increased invulnerability to the rolls, a mechanic that’s a far cry from Dark Souls 2’s rolling invulnerability tied to the Adaptability and Agility stat. 

So how does Sekiro push the envelope in its design philosophy?

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Music of the Week #507

Another down

Hollow Knight was a really fun game, you should read about it. I’ve got a couple more to write up but since I was insistent on 100%ing the past two games, I’m a bit behind on playing new ones. I should really hop on the next Yakuza game.

Lava Piranha would not be the first boss in Paper Mario with a 2nd phase but I always did like the idea of elemental Piranha plants when I was younger. Unfortunately, no other big piranha plants became notable enemies going forward. The Chapter specific partner, Sushi, makes decent work out of his multiple attacking parts if you use the upgrade blocks on her and hey, when was the last time there was a friendly Cheep-Cheep in a Mario game? TTYD’s own jungle island chapter got a very unique boss that I enjoyed but the flower-based enemies in Super Paper Mario were if pretty non-threatening, if hilarious in a political sense. Yeah, political. You heard me.

Yakuza kiwami 2- okay, who isn’t korean?

This one didn’t turn out as long despite having been delayed for so long. I’ll also apologize in advance right now since I don’t have too many varied screencaps, but it’s telling when I don’t want to get new and appropriate ones to delay this longer than necessary. Battle Chasers will get its time in the limelight but I want to represent that game a bit better compared to Yakuza which has gotten its fair share of popularity in the past year.

Long time coming for this one. Now that I had some time to think Yakuza 2 over, I think I can make a seemi-organized recap of this. Yakuza 2 stands apart from 0 and Kiwami 1 by being released AFTER Yakuza 6 with its Dragon Engine and easily looks the part of having some incredible lighting, a new combat system, as well as destructible windows for you to scare shop owners during combat.

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Music of the Week #472

Just a couple more

I’ll be free of obligations in around a month so just a couple more weeks until I can probably get back to reminiscing about games I’ve played, although being busy really put a stopper on any progress I was barely making to begin with. But I did manage to binge watch/read through Kanojo Okarishimasu and realized how little was going on but it still made some sensible character relationship dynamics that I did revel for a couple minutes on, which is saying a lot compared to some other series of this nature. Let’s hope I can still remember these thoughts when I’m through.

So now we’re at the actual final boss theme of CS2 and we already went over the Reverie Corridor and how the final boss itself acknowledges this pointless and time-consuming endeavor of playing through two extra sections of gameplay to get the true ending, one that ends off on such a banal and happy note that while melodramatic, does leave the story off at an interesting spot as Class VII is over and everyone goes their separate directions in life. This actually might have some weight to it if Class VII actually did go a while without seeing each other for a while but CS3-4 and Hajimari makes this scene a lot less impactful compared to the likes of 3rd’s ending and its series of farewells. One of the biggest kicks in the teeth is Crow as to no one’s surprise, he comes back. Falcom didn’t even try to hide Crow being anyone else yet they wanted to sell the idea that he was dead in CS2 so hard by giving him an insert song for the first ED sequence and also having his ghost show up.

Music of the Week #461

Just a bit more

One of my larger write-ups only needs some accompanying visuals then it’ll be ready to go and hopefully I can keep up up with a promise that I’ll have a follow-up post ready by the week after it goes up. Aside from the write-ups though, I’m in the middle of a three-way crossroad where I can play two sequels or play something new entirely which is an interesting prospect but it’s not like anyone will find out which one I’ll do until around month later since I’d like to have finished whatever new game I started but also finish up previous game write-ups but consolidate my thoughts on it as well.

Continuing my rants about Cold Steel, this week’s tune once again narrowly dodges my litany of nitpicking about the poisoned well of disappointment Cold Steel presents to the series as a whole as my previous complaints about the bonding events being too shallow compared to natural interactions between characters in story beats. Ymir is the first of two primary hubs for the Class VII and it hosts at least three instances where bonding events can occur between chapters. Unlike a single instance in Cold Steel where you could help Emma find Fie to earn points with both of them, CS2’s bonding events do have successive follow-up moments that further invest into a single character which is at least a step in the right direction for more meaningful interaction but still falls short of other characters interacting with others, even if some characters do start to show up in other interaction moments. The relationship with x character to Rean is not the biggest problem but everyone else not interacting with each other yet acting like they’re the closest RPG group you’ve ever seen.