Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 2- Gotta go Fast

The series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering things I have seen many times. Opening up a post with this sort of attitude doesn’t really help anybody but if anything, goes to show how tiring it gets watching things like this. I watch plenty of bad shows and every season I watch a harem but Blade Dance is seriously testing me.

It’s not all that but stuff like Machine Doll and the likes had something going for itself with some unusual gimmick whilst Blade Dance is a merge between IS and any RPG ever. Oh well, I don’t like dropping stuff too much so we’ll forge on no matter how dumber it gets. I was first promised a decent main character but judging from the artworks of the LN’s, I don’t see anything different from the average harem lead. Hell, he doesn’t even look badass either. The focus goes on to the girls’ looks that they don’t even bother making him look cool with all those swords.

I’m sorry for you reading and for me writing this.

Conflict arises between Rinslet and Claire who fight over the right to have Kamito as their slave. The two decide to duke it out while Kamito starves in the corner and the fights ends with the shed being burnt down. Ellis arrives with two of her compatriots and expresses her discontent with the two problem children of the class. They decide to make things interesting and have Kamito join in for a 3 vs 3 fight but they postpone to a later date.


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For now, Kamito is moved to Claire’s room and is given some canned food to cook for himself while Claire goes to take a shower. Earlier before, Kamito learns that Claire does not have a roommate because nobody (understandably) wants to be her friend. Kamito also notes the amount of lewd books she has and learns that she’s a romantic, not surprising since it’s a school for girls.

Claire gets attacked by a rogue water spirit in the shower of all places and Kamito is forced to intercede. Strangely enough, she’s actually more concerned about her safety than Kamito looking at her body so that’s a plus right there, good job Blade Dance. Of course that doesn’t last since Kamito had to hide the fact that he put a pair of panties in his pocket to avoid getting another beatdown. He hands them to her, thinking it was a handkerchief in his pocket and harem antics ensue.

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After that little chaos, Kamito follows Claire to a gate to appointed location of the duel. The gate connects to a different world so it makes sense of them to fight there to avoid unnecessary damage. The trio unite and Ellis shows up with her two lackeys and the fight starts. For once, weapon types make for some tactical maneuvers as Rinslet can support from long range, Claire from medium range, and Kamito can go head on. The other side of course has two close ranged fighters while Ellis’s element is Wind-based. The two lackeys get done away with pretty easily by the girls and Kamito’s contracted blade from earlier shows up as a extremely small butterknife. Either way he faces Ellis 1 vs 1 and he once again gets away with praising the looks of a girl in the middle of a fight.

The fight doesn’t last extremely long however, as something in the distance closes in on the 6 combatants and it turns out to be the girl Kamito was looking for.

I can’t even how the next episode will end up.

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