Ping Pong the Animation Review- A Hero Appears

Leave it to a series from 1996 to blow everything else out of the water.

I had a thought to myself that Slam Dunk is pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes down to sports manga. Even in general, I disregard sports series mostly because of one thing: Predictability. This is sort of the reason why the certain niche that accompanies a series is important when deciding if I should give something a go. Then again, this is just me being biased as ever. However, you can’t deny that many sports series and its conflicts are obviously¬†predictable. In Slam Dunk’s defense, they won their last game but they didn’t make it to the finals.

However all that stuff about sports don’t apply to this series. Ping Pong is different. While it most certainly looks like a sports series, it’s something more.

You know I would take this post¬†into the philosophical tier of review but I honestly don’t feel like spoiling anything for any potential watchers.

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