Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 17- Beatdown

I’ve waited years for this moment and I was not disappointed.

Steely Dan’s dickish moves finally reach its glorious end when Jotaro delivers a satisfying barrage of absolute pain in form of a 22-second combo of ORA ORA. Many people agree that this fight is the beginning of the part where Stardust Crusaders actually gets good. I can agree with that as we’re in for a joke of a fight next week while we will most likely see one of the even more memorable fights in the series. After that, we’re almost toward Egypt where the fights get even better. Truly a time to be a live for a Jojo fan.

I’ve also decided to update with Jojolion Chapters since they come out every month so that definitely fits in my schedule. Look out for that

Steely Dan continues his masquerade of crime and humiliating Jotaro on doing lowly acts such as shining his shoes and making him scratch his back. On the other side of things, Kakyoin and Polnareff continue to go through Joseph’s brain to hunt down the Lovers. Steely Dan’s back scratching session is felt by Joseph and he starts yelling at the feeling. The local folk sees this as an old man gone senile and start throwing the trio change.  They purchase the T.V and run away to a more discreet location to continue their pursuit on the Lovers. The miniaturized Hierophant Green and Silver Chariot find the massive fleshbud making it’s way into Joseph’s head and they see the Lovers chopping away at some tissue to make the rooting process faster.

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Chariot engages the Lovers and is able to cut it but it turns out the one he just killed was a clump of cells constructed by the Lovers to make clones of himself. Kakyoin Emerald Splashes a few more clones and realize that unless they kill the real one, they’ll be out numbered. Soon enough, the many clones of the Lovers surround the two. On the other side, Steely Dan laughs at how he’ll be able to win but also notices Jotaro writing all the things Dan has done and promises to pay the favor back. Kakyoin tries to think of how to differentiate the Lovers while Jotaro is forced to steal some jewelry for Dan. The latter then calls the guards over to him and while Jotaro is getting beat, Dan is able to take some jewelry for himself. He joins the beaten up Jotaro out back and he hears him laugh about how he can’t hold his joy for the moment Dan is vulnerable.

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Kakyoin had however was stalling for time and was able to extend Hierophant Green’s plantlike roots to inspect every single clone in the area and designates the right one. A clean shot to the head sends the Lovers with a wound and Steely Dan spurts some blood. The Lovers then decides to disengage while Joseph removes the fleshbud with a ripple blast to his own head. Jotaro now takes this chance to make Dan act like a pathetic loser while in reality Dan is waiting for the Lovers to return to him so he can strike back. Until that happens, Dan becomes a whimpering bootlick.

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The chance for him arrives after begging for mercy and the Lovers attempt to enter Jotaro’s ear but Star Platinum is able to stop it in its tracks and crushes it a little to get Dan to leave. The latter promises that he won’t show his face or use his abilities and Jotaro lets him leave. Of course, no minor villain would actually be a good person and Dan enters the brain of a little girl close by and threatens that if Jotaro does something, the girl will die with him. Jotaro however replies back that Kakyoin had been on the Lover’s trail the entire time and the Lovers gets yanked back to Kakyoin’s location. Dan with nowhere else left to go eats 22 consecutive seconds of punches before being blasted into a tower. Jotaro writes off the receipt and leaves the fight satisfied. We step into a yet another memorable fight and the fights will only get better with this. I can see more two-parters showing up as well. Next week, we fight the freaking Sun. I apologize for the post’s low quality but as the fights get a bit more…eventful, I’ll be able to write a lot more. The Lovers wasn’t too focused on combat so there you have it.

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