Music of the Week #145

The transition week is upon us

Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

So far it’s Space Dandy and SAO II that are out that I have watched. One because it’s just fun with great music while the other is it to confirm Light’s judgement of the light novels, although he has recently reread GGO and said it was pretty weak. I apologize for not posting those two post as they came out on Saturday. I got myself a new labtop and had to move around 40 gigs worth of stuff here. Downloading some games took some time as well. My highlight of the week was that I was able to run GA II with the PCSX 2. Feels so good man.

Anyways, I’m free of work for the rest of the week so I should be able to get the important stuff up so see you then.

Here’s this week’s music folks, I’m off to download more stuff and write.