Black Bullet Review- Dead Loli’s: Stand Alone Complex

The 13 episode ride on an enormous bug packed with corpses is finally over.

Every season, I have my formulaic line up of series. There’s the one show I’m generally excited for, the mandatory fanservice show, and the one generic action show. This season I got my mandatory Jojo which will continue on for the next  few seasons. Hitsugi no Chaika and Ping Pong carved it’s way into my heart as a fondly remembered series with the former getting a second season in the Fall. Date A Live was the fanservice show of the season which already got its biased yet objective review from me. So all in all, it was a pretty damn good season.

But then there’s the odd one out. The ugly duckling colored black while its siblings are comically muscular, ugly but full of heart, questionably acceptable, and one with huge eyebrows.

I’m sorry if you don’t get my joke but whatever, let’s talk about Black Bullet.

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