Sword Art Online II Episode 3- Development and depth? In SAO?

So my question from last episode is answered and I will honestly say that I expected this sort of problem that Sinon, or rather, Asada Shino is facing.

So just because of actual backstory and having a motivation that goes beyond just playing a game instantly makes her a more likable character then nearly everyone in the cast already. What wonders backstories and actual motivation do to a character eh? However, that’s not saying much since Sinon will inevitably fall for Kirito instead of the nice, considerate guy who showed up this episode.

So this episode covers the circumstance and real life aspect of Sinon that explains her attitude towards GGO. We first see her implications when she is bullied for money and when she tries to stand her ground against bullies, one of them forms her hand into the shape of a gun and Sinon gets extremely disturbed by the sight of it. A friend of hers gets a police officer notified and the bullies run off and Sinon is treated to something at the cafe.

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Sinon’s fear of guns stems from a momentous event from her past that has separated her from her family. Sinon and her mother were at a post office when a nervous, but armed robber broke in and demanded money. He shoots one of the clerks and demands money to be put into the duffel bag and threatens to kill Sinon’s mother. She decides to do what she can for a little girl and the struggle makes the robber drop his gun and Sinon not knowing any better shoots the man three times after the latter’s continued struggle to get the gun back. Needless to say, the act of murder carved some serious damage into her psyche. Thanks to this, she lives alone and keeps in contact with her uncle instead of keeping in touch with her mother.

Sinon decides to go home after the talk with the friend who saved her and decides to confront a model gun in her drawer. She isn’t able to keep her composure and freaks out after a few seconds of holding it. She wallows back in her bed, defeated once again.

SAO II- Nurse saw it all

Elsewhere Kirito tells his harem and waifu that he will be quitting ALO for a bit to investigate the GGO fiasco. Apparently Kirito rides a motorcycle of all things and gets himself to the requested location by the Agent and is greeted by a nurse who took care of him since the SAO mess. After a few electrodes are placed, Kirito begins his dive. Elsewhere, the presumed real life Death Gun smiles as he chooses Sinon as his next target.

It’s a short review but this episode is probably THE episode for this season as I’m expecting a train-wreck worth of stuff to laugh at. Who knows, maybe it is actually good or maybe not. Only time will tell since I’m not touching these LN’s. Bravo SAO, this was interesting to watch but wasn’t completely fail-proof in being guessed at. Did they really have Kirito ride the motorcycle though? Honestly, even the nurse is after his dick.

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