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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 2- Gotta go Fast

The series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering things I have seen many times. Opening up a post with this sort of attitude doesn’t really help anybody but if anything, goes to show how tiring it gets watching things like this. I watch plenty of bad shows and every season I watch a harem but Blade Dance is seriously testing me.

It’s not all that but stuff like Machine Doll and the likes had something going for itself with some unusual gimmick whilst Blade Dance is a merge between IS and any RPG ever. Oh well, I don’t like dropping stuff too much so we’ll forge on no matter how dumber it gets. I was first promised a decent main character but judging from the artworks of the LN’s, I don’t see anything different from the average harem lead. Hell, he doesn’t even look badass either. The focus goes on to the girls’ looks that they don’t even bother making him look cool with all those swords.

I’m sorry for you reading and for me writing this.

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Space Dandy Episode 8: Dandy and Me

Another “decent” episode this week.

But first, props to [adultswim] for airing Viva Namida. Now I wish for the ending to show up.

While a dog being hinted at the title of the episode gives away that the episode will contain of a lot of potential sentimentality, it really depends who you’re asking. Don’t get me wrong here, the “feels” were felt right here in my chest but in all honesty, it could have been delivered a lot better. Then there’s the second half of the episode…

Allow me to explain myself.

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